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  1. this is the most addicting song they've made in a long time the 'yamma defector' before the solo and the solo played twice makes it so easy to ignore the rest of the lyrics
  2. my only gripe is the solo... if they weren't going to change it up the solo should've been a little bit shorter, otherwise this is the first muse song that's made me push the rewind button 10 times after the first 10 seconds in a LONG time.
  3. hopefully they show assassin because it sounded like matt turned the evil switch on his guitar when they started playing GOB
  4. I actually really like the last verse, especially live. Could've REALLY done without the "I'm the greatest guy" thing.. The chords at the beginning of the second part are boring but the singing makes up for it pretty quickly. Bass sounds like Glorious/Darkshines at times. I really like it.
  5. this song should've ended with a beefier version of the riff, that's the difference between psycho and dead star.. also dead star isn't 5 minutes long
  6. And he's not suggesting that anyone suggested they used the youtube video as the source. He's simply saying it seems like they used the original source video.
  7. Guess you're gonna puke during Panic Station / SMBH / Can't Take My Eyes Off You in the Zepp gig then.
  8. Reminds me of the scream in MK Ultra @ Rock am Ring
  9. Dead Star, Futurism, Hyper Music, Feeling Good, Citizen Erased, Plug In Baby, Bliss, New Born and Micro Cuts have all been played this tour. Not sure where you heard they stopped playing OoS live.
  10. Your hearing must be extraordinary
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