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  1. I love this song to bits. Is Dom doing the "Break it to Me" 's?
  2. That ending solo is like a light version of "The Great Destroyer" from NiN.
  3. What a stressful morning trying to get tickets for our teenage son. Eventually husband discovered by accident extra date had been added on at Manchester and got em through Eventim Thank you muse crew for putting the extra day on otherwise our life would have been unbearable. Ha ha

  4. I don't get it, the Belgian pre-sale started and it only tells me there isn't any option available for 4 tickets. This is the first time I can't order tickets through this system, is there a maximum amount reserved or something? :/
  5. Well I ordered the Dunlop straplocks and asked Manson to assemble them and drill a hole in my strap. But I only have one straplock in my strap. -edit nvm, I am an idiot! I had no idea there was a small compartment in my hard case, it's in there.
  6. I dampen it, rub off the fingerprints and immediately go over it again with a dry cloth. If I just use a dry one, I can't get all the fingerprints off. Oh well, I'll see how it goes.
  7. So, is a damp cloth the best way to clean finger traces on the satin black after playing? Feels like if I wipe it clean every time, I'd end up with gloss black in 3 months.
  8. I adore the Sustainiac! Using it in combination with the volume knob and some delay, switching between normal and harmonic mode can make some haunting atmospheric sounds. Don't regret getting that one installed!
  9. Yeah, I love how I am in complete control on when I want 'feedback' and when I want to sustain a note for as long as I want. Also, it feels funny in my fingertips. Does Bells just keep it on the whole time for songs like Fury and SMBH, or does he switch it off mid song?
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