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    age: 30 (mental age: 13)
    appearance: pale, tall and plain
    particularities: misfit, mildly obsessive, short attention span
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    radiohead, beirut, goran bregovic, cocorosie, phoenix (RO), smashing pumpkins, classical, soundtracks
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    arizona dream, blade runner, amelie, the lives of others, donnie darko, american beauty, miller's crossing, in bruges, pianist, little miss sunshine, in my father's den, goodbye lenin
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    mainly sf series
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    sf, fairy tales, myths, legends and some other random stuff
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    12.06.2010 Stade de France
    15.07.2010 Vieilles Charrues
    10.09.2010 Wembley
    28.08.2011 Reading
  1. That'll be it, thanks... I mean I suspected it wasn't too memorable, I was just surprised that I couldn't make out his words, to me he sounded more like a machine gun than a person speaking.
  2. I haven't been here for a while Just wanted to say that, even though the setlist was a bit underwhelming overall, seeing them again felt cathartic to me, at the end of this horrible day. Even shed a tear during Hysteria for some reason. I just wish I understood what Matt was saying...
  3. I'll give it a go Matt: "Hi NME .. is this the NME? .. yeah, whatever .. so, I have a new tape of Dom - I managed to get Dom on camera while he was in a very compromising situation, but he doesn't know .. hehe. I'll put it online at some point .. so look out on our website for Dom's drumsticks .. "
  4. that. sort of... still, i think Queen should have got it:confused: oh well. i've been away from the forum and vaguely noticed that there was something missing from the background noise. i've just figured it out when i read your sig. sippe is banned? that's why the threads felt so dully compliant lately...
  5. You're welcome.:happy:

  6. Happy Birthday! :party:

  7. Reading, 2011 Dom, blissfully drumming to microcuts: "aaww, look at him losing it on stage like in the good old days" menacing swirling sound coming from the front of the stage. "now there .. careful with that guitar will you?" SWOOSH! "whoa ..." "now that's what i call a proper home run" ... hm, in my mind this was actually funny. oh, well ...
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