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Who Should Produce The Next Muse Album?


¿.Who Should Produce The Next Muse Album.?  

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  1. 1. ¿.Who Should Produce The Next Muse Album.?

    • Brian eno
    • Steve lilly white
    • William orbit
    • Produce themselves
    • Other

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I'm actually fairly sure that Flood would be the most likely bet, because if I remember correctly Matt said that if self-producing didn't work out on Resistance, they were gonna call him in. I would be fine with that, personally, though i'd rather they work with someone a little more outside their comfort zone.


Personally, I think it would be interesting to see them do something with Danger Mouse. Could pull them in some interesting directions. Or, if they wanted something more "rock", they could do what the Arctic Monkeys did and get Josh Homme (or, alternately, Queens Of The Stone Age's producer Chris Goss).


Something that i'd like to see that is incredibly unrealistic would be David Bowie producing them. I know he's not a producer, but he offered to produce the Red Hot Chili Peppers at one point, so it could happen :LOL:.

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I like him, especially that he's from Virginia, but him producing a Muse album is a recipe for disaster. He's great at what he does, but I think with him producing there would be a whole mess of Undisclosed Desires and at least one awful collaboration.

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I think it would be interesting for Muse to go with a dance-ier producer. Someone from outside the rock world at least. They need to shake things up next time around, go for something a bit different. Though I don't know if Pharell would be the right choice there.



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Well considering every major rock band released a new album within months of either side of TR it's quite obvious that no matter who was producing it every single album was super-polished and mainstream sounding.


From Biffy to Green Day to Muse.


Probably something to do with the fact that Kings of Leon basically became ''biggest rock act'' (sadly) overnight with their attempt at it and all the labels followed suit. It was an OK album but if I hear sex on fire again I will hang myself. But the truth is in the sales, and kings of leon are doing pretty damn well, or at least did with that album.


So whatever landmark rock albums comes out in the next year, it will greatly affect what comes out for the next 3 or 4. Sucks.\


Rich Costey was a terrible producer. He shouldn't be allowed anywhere near their next album.


He moulded them together like no-one did before and got them working as one entity rather than a mediocre rhythm section and a whiney guy in a space suit noodling his guitar.



My vote is for Alan Moulder

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