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  1. Much as I love you (a little bit) your taste is dire. I say this in the friendliest way possible. Your ears need retuning. I can do that for you for a modest fee.

  2. I dont see why not, as long as I can make it. Would the interview be for Ark or something else?


    Add me on Facebook if you can, I dont come on here these days, lucky I caught this.

  3. Greetings, I hear you're a P-town chap writing for The Ark, fancy doing an interview with a couple of local but signed bands (Dave Rybka; Condor Moments) and potentially an interview with Uni radio?

  4. :awesome:

    I haven't watched mine yet.

    Omg I'm so tired I'm gonna have to go back to bed for a bit.

  5. I've been neglecting it a little bit if I'm honest. I'll see that I do a little bit more.


    I have no idea what Bruce meant, totally forgotten. My Biffy DVD came today :D

  6. I'm following you on twitter but you haven't tweeted for aaaages.


    And wtf to the message below mine?

  7. no no no sorry, Lyra = someone who I dont know in real life.


    Exrar = my good friend who decided to troll the boards cus Im on here. but loves Muse.

  8. so wait, Lyra=Exrar?

  9. I think I did an okay job arguing that he wasnt :p he wasnt exactly making it easy for me!

  10. I know he's trolling. :p


    And pffff.

  11. I see the shutting up is going well :(


    add Scott Owen from my friends list on facebook. hes exrar. and he IS trolling.

  12. I see the sleeping is going well :LOL:

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