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  1. this has a surprisingly strong vocal melody what the fuck muse you don't do that reminiscent of achtung baby or something also completely absurd i'm excited for this album
  2. I dont think skrillex wearing a disguise is very favourable. It would be odd for the fans. Nero is a popular dubstep but is he popular enough for Muse to have heard of??? They know skrillex so I think thats a more likely tour.
  3. Happy 17th Liam :happy:

  4. How have stonehenge remained relevant for as long as they have. Muse can't compete. Wow.
  5. Stonehenge are just like really big rocks or stones even? Muse are big but not that big. They would have trouble touring if that were the case.
  6. Oh. Thanks for clearing that up. I'm still wondering if they are 'bros' though.
  7. Are Muse 'bros'? They are inspired by brostep. This is a tough question.
  8. Yeah, he says so right here.
  9. They're both popular dubsteps so I think it makes sense
  10. I think it's pretty likely but what do you think?
  11. Disregard the post below, I have fulfilled my desires manually.



  12. care to uuuh, furnish me with a certain leaked album

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