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  1. So excited for tomorrow!!! I unfortunately missed out on the previous round of stadium dates here in the UK so really happy to have got myself a ticket for at least one date of the Simulation tour. By the way random question, anyone with O2? Because there's usually priority entrance/access before the show. Not sure if their doing it for this weekend because of the VIP tickets, but just wondering if anyone knew from this evening.
  2. I've still not received mine and i pre-ordered the album on two formats! So stressed now 😭
  3. I personally love Thought Contagion... this comes from a hardcore Muse fan and a 'old muse fan'... I grew up listening to and adoring Showbiz, Origins and Absolution. I fell in love with the band because of those albums and still do. I love how they evolve, experiment with different styles and genres but still sound like MUSE. (Yeah I'm one of those fans) Matt has called TC as being Fury 2, I can actually hear this... certain elements of Fury, I've yet to see anyone agree with this. I also adore Fury, one of my favourite Muse tracks. As with all their songs, I don't really have a problem with the lyrics, especially in the last few albums where everyone has bi**hed about them, yes their 'wild' and 'out there' and a little 'over the top', but I don't take those lyrics in the same way as everyone else does. I use them and connect to them in different ways, I interpret them in a different way. (Not sure if that makes sense to anyone...) But yeah, I take my own personal interpretation from the lyrics.
  4. Hoping we get Glorious on Sunday night, one of my favourite songs and so damn jealous SB got it Saturday night. Also Fury... but one can hope.
  5. Hey guys, not sure if this has been posted anywhere on the forums yet, but there was a video made for fans to share their love and passion for Muse as well as wish Matt Bellamy a happy birthday. I was one of those fans that took part in the video, which you can find in the link below. I'm at the 11:19 mark, Ashley Thomas. Was a pleasure to have taken part.
  6. Glad to hear. You going for the weekend or just the day? I'll be there for the entire weekend, im also a big fan of Kasabian.
  7. I purchased my ticket months before the first announcements, 1, because I'm a Reading Festival addict and 2, I had a feeling Muse would headline this year. I'm really happy they have been announced for the Sunday, best till last.
  8. That's great, thanks! Its only YouTube I'm after.
  9. Thanks guys, I ended up getting a rather basic one for Christmas as a gift, pretty decent for beginners, even though I used to play piano years ago. But ideal for someone beginning to learn again I suppose. Pitchmaster i think it is. Thanks anyway.
  10. Wow last post on here was 2014 and it was... me!! I take it there not many active Welsh Muse fans on here anymore?? Referring back to my previous post from 14, they played in Wales again!! Newport on the Psycho tour and it was F**king amazing!!... They just need to come back now, for a similar sort of tour, playing smaller venues.
  11. Hey, this may seem like a stupid question to many, but how do you embed a video, from YouTube lets say, into a post? I've tired all the codes without any success. Thanks!
  12. Very happy with the free Fury download for this years christmas gift! Fury being one of my favourite songs and I've yet to hear it live myself. But yeah... beautiful.
  13. It's not confirmed as Saturday yet.
  14. Not entirely sure this is the right thread, but I'll give it go. I'm looking to get myself a pretty decent Keyboard, but no idea where to start... Could anyone point me in the right direction please? Be it brand or whatever. I used to play piano/keyboard, I'm talking years and years ago mind, so I'll be practically learning again also... But I don't think it would take me long.
  15. I love this!! This for me throws me back to the Showbiz/Origins era of Muse, especially with the distorted vocals/screaming, its a cover of a old/classic song that sounds like classic/old Muse... This of course is just my own personal opinion... but yeah, I love it!!
  16. Was it a standing ticket with Amazon on the bottom by any chance? Yeah I was so appreciative of it, I almost broke into tears to be honest when told I'll probably not get in.
  17. Amazing night this! such a great crowd also. Almost never got in though... My ticket wouldn't scan as someone else had apparently already gone in on the same barcode. After being told to go back to box office, It was then I found out that I'd been an absolute idiot and posted a picture of all 3 nights at the O2 on Twitter and Instagram. Someone in the space of 24 hours had copied my barcode, created an e-ticket (i'm assuming) and gone in before me, stopping me from getting in. Not sure if this was actually sold or someone desperate to get in themselves. So obviously after being told this and told I probably wouldnt be able to get in, I really started to panic! After a 15 min wait of not knowing, they give me a spare ticket as a gesture of good will... I could have grabbed assistant out of the booth and hugged her so hard! After all this drama it also ended up being the best night of the Drones tour for me. Still angry that it happened to me, but it's also my own fault. Lesson learned.
  18. I adore this 'Album'. I really wish they would do a B-side album like this again, I love them all.
  19. I almost got a drumstick... At the Birmingham gig myself, a female and two other lads grabbed it as it landed on the floor... was pretty gutted. Going back to the 'poor crowd' discussion/debate, I absolutely understand people enjoy doing things in different ways, just because their not jumping and dancing does not mean their not enjoying the show. But I still just can't get over the amount of people who just stood there during songs like 'Plug in Baby' & 'Stockholm'... It didn't spoil the night for me, in fact it was a damn beautiful/amazing night! But it adds to the experience and atmosphere when everyone is getting involved. If you'r going to stand there, why don't you just getting a seat ticket? I felt like I really couldnt express myself like I wanted to as everyone around me appeared quite reserved and felt I would upset someone but jumping around... I was quite close to the stage also, so this is the first time I've experienced a poor crowd so close to the band. Back when I seen Muse at Newport last year when they did the smaller venues, when they opened with Psycho, the entire room lifted into the air... My conclusion is this, which someone also mentioned a couple of posts back I realised pretty early on that this might have been the case and I did try moving, but did not succeed. Also, from a bands point of view, If I was up on the stage playing a song like 'Plug in Baby' and about 80% of my audience was just standing there, It would be a bit disheartening... or maybe that's just me. Anyway, bring on the 12th, 14th & 15th!!!
  20. Was an amazing show! Cant wait for London in just over a week. My only complaint about last night, the crowd... One of the lamest crowds I've ever had privilege of standing among! Seriously, if your going to just stand there and nod your head, purchase a seat ticket! 'Plug in Baby' is playing and your just standing there nodding your head! Audience was dismal. But yeah, great show as per usual and I still enjoyed it. But when your the only one jumping to 'Plug in Baby', its a tad awkward because your annoying everyone else.
  21. Was an amazing show! Cant wait for London in just over a week. My only complaint about last night, the crowd... One of the lamest crowds I've ever had privilege of standing among! Seriously, if your going to just stand there and nod your head, purchase a seat ticket! 'Plug in Baby' is playing and your just standing there nodding your head! Audience was dismal. But yeah, great show as per usual!
  22. This is pretty much spot on. I'm quite happy with the no interaction, its usually Dom that speaks for the band, but like you said, the performance pretty much does the talking. I find it more magical that way.
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