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  1. exactly, he's older he doesn't need to be cool :p

  2. i find it sort of endearing

    i much prefer his cool IR era hair but goofy ponytail makes me laugh

    i mean pretty much every member of Arcade Fire had an awful hair cut last tour, why can't Thom? :LOL:

  3. and Thom's awful new hair :awesome:

    it's so goofy :LOL:

  4. see now that radiohead are touring i can ramble about them for hours :LOL:

  5. there's not really been much going on in the threads i posted in the most (ie Arcade Fire) i guess

    i'm still lurking here all the time, it's just a bit quieter so i have less to say?

  6. oh have I? lol

    I just haven't had much to say i guess?

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