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  1. Leaded was getting hard to get around here after some regulations kicked in, i thought that it was worldwide. If for some reason you would want to check a connection then set your MM to the lowest resistance setting possible, when it measures below a few ohms then it is a connection.
  2. Wouldn't that mess with your toan? Recently i raised action till no fret buzz and put on a set of 13s on my guitar for maximum toanz and its like i forgot how to play guitar.
  3. Do you guys have the octave down effect first in the pedal order? Putting it first and rolling down the tone knob on the guitar (and using the neck PU) can help the algorithm with substracting the fundamental note from the sound coming from your guitar. (so the resulting sound would be less glitchy)
  4. Do you have any reverb pedals nowadays? Putting this after the reverb's wet only (or dry kill) output and then mixing it with your guitar signal (or using 2 amps) you could do the original ambient guitar meme, the shimmerverb
  5. I'd cut that range, i think on most amps presence is the highest frequencies. I'd try something like this: or maybe more brutal cuts and boosts on the pedal
  6. [HIDDEN=this isn't even my final form] [/HIDDEN] Jelly. Btw what was Exeter like? Some of my relatives live there and sometimes they try to convince me to spend some time there but i don't know what to do there. Is London exponentially more interesting?
  7. But their whole thing is copying american craft beer with some next level marketing, their distribution is good tho but they have nothing on New York. They showed me the light a few years ago so i am not hating or anything and i still drink them due to limited US stuff availability but James is probably within a 5km radius of the best bottleshops of the world.
  8. Its time to break out the Michelin Guide or the Gault Millau one. Breakfast: third wave espressos from some Square Mile beans Lunch: Some of dat dere Blumenthal shit Dinner: Nando's and craft beer, non of that boring Real Ale CAMRA shit though
  9. Wait are you actually understand those fucked assembly like reverb algorithms? I thought you just copied them from the internet like a sane human being would do. It's 2015, copy-pasting others Arduino code is the standard procedure now.
  10. Next level stuff:\mm/: Why no option to switch between the external EEPROM and the internal programs? Are they shit? (i mean the internal ones) Some of them seems interesting. Btw here is an article about switching between external EEPROM chips for moar banks: http://www.muzique.com/news/adding-memory-to-the-fv-1-reverb/
  11. Make it in Latex for maximum man points.
  12. Get an electric screwdriver with variable torque/clutch and a set of bits. Once i wanted to 3d print a plastic piece with a hex body and a head which fits a tuning peg so i could detune the guitar pretty fast (before putting on a new set of strings) with an electric screwdriver but someone already figured that out.
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