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  1. I think it'll be interesting to see what Resistance tracks get played this tour. TR was their biggest album (on the world stage, at least), but it didn't produce any hit singles other than Uprising, and none of the songs were (in my opinion) great enough to remain live staples. I imagine that Uprising will be a staple, with USoE, US, and Resistance getting rotated around in one of two other slots (someone mentioned Exo remaining, which could also be a possibility, especially if they get a backing band this time around. And they have absolutely no excuse NOT to have a backing band this time around).
  2. The "pop opera" thing doesn't worry me at all. Personally, I think Muse do a great job at pop when they actually try: Starlight, SMBH, TIRO, and others are pretty brilliant pop songs. The trouble is stuff like Survival, where they have no idea what direction to go in so they throw in 10,000 choirs and hope that they cover up the fact that the song isn't great.
  3. The Reading / Leeds show will, I think, have one of two outcomes: 1) The band actually considers it to have provided a conclusion to that era of their career and doesn't play anything except PIB on the next tour. 2) The band realizes that the songs work live and the people enjoy them, and we get more Origin tracks next tour than we have in a while. I'm worried that'll it'll be the first one, though. Y'know, i'm pretty sure that all of the setlist issues that people have had could be easily fixed if Muse just extended their shows. At the Vancouver show on the TR tour, the setlist was kind of pitiful; 18 songs, a number that includes the Helsinki Jam. Next tour, they'll have 6 albums under their belt. They could easily do 23 or so songs and have time to spare for whatever jams and extended solos they want, and they'd be able to get in all the staples and a good handful of fan favourites.
  4. If you listen to the lyrics of Neutron Star Collision, there actually does seem to be something a bit creepy going on underneath it. Whether or not that was intentional, though, I have no idea. Personally i'll go with Hyper Chondriac Music
  5. The bands opinion on a song doesn't really factor into whether or not it should've been a single, though.
  6. It shocks me that FAWY wasn't a single, but that's the only major oversight that I can think of.
  7. In regards to the set-closer debate, I do think that they need something new to close, and that KoC would make a great encore opener.
  8. Names That Stand Out As Being Good: Bliss Citizen Erased Space Dementia Megalomania Hyper Music Sunburn Muscle Museum Hysteria Blackout Apocalypse Please Supermassive Black Hole Uprising Names That Stand Out As Being Particularly Bad: The Entire Exogenesis Symphony Undisclosed Desires Unnatural Selection Exo-Politics In Your World
  9. I'm gonna jump in a say that, out of the album tracks, i'd have to go with Sober as my least favourite. Something about it just rubs me the wrong way. Out of ALL their songs, though, I don't know. Probably something off the Newton Abbot Demo, but I haven't spent enough time listening to it to remember all the songs individually (though if I remember correctly, Sober is on there, so it might still be that ).
  10. Personally, I can see why the vocals may grate on some people. I love it, though. Also, Falling Away With You is one of the bands top 20 (maybe top 10?) songs in my opinion. It upsets me that so many people find it so dull.
  11. HTAILY is good (though I haven't listened to it in a while, probably should do that again soon), however I will say that it is probably their worst closer by a pretty wide margin.
  12. As much as I find it a little cheesy on the album, I will say that USoE is fucking awesome live. When the song kicks into high gear it's just a great moment. Though really, TR as a whole seems to be designed to be played in an arena with everyone singing and shouting along. Gives something like Uprising that extra power.
  13. I voted Hyper Music, Darkshines, and Screenager, which I really doubt will ever get another play after this. Which i'm honestly not too upset over; neither Darkshines or Screenager are my favourite off of OOS, and Hyper Music seemed like it came off kinda messy live in the one video I saw of it (though I would still be interested in keeping it around). I was thinking of throwing Space Dementia in too (because it really doesn't seem like something that'll come back into the sets), but i'm gonna hold out hope for that one. Megalomania and Micro Cuts I think will be rare, but not completely gone, with the others rotating around as they do now (PIB will remain a staple, and I think that NB will probably still get regular plays).
  14. The one-two punch of IBTY and Overture is brilliant. As for the rest of it, it's fun. Not more, not really less. Which is disappointing for a Muse album, but if you dont take it too seriously theres some nice riffs and hooks to be found.
  15. I wouldn't mind some softer, more textural stuff on the next album. As long as it leans more towards, say, Megalomania than Guiding Light it should be fine. Also, as many have mentioned, take it with a grain of salt. Remember when The Resistance was gonna be stripped down and minimalist? Look where that ended up.
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