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Glastonbury - show Dom your support!

plug me in

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Dont know if there is any thread like this, but i made a search and it came up with no results, but then again it always comes up empty... :p


Glastonbury was a pretty good and at the same time bad moment for Muse!! They usually say that was a great gig but it was also when Dom's father died from a heart attack!


The purpose of this thread is to show Dom and the guys our support and that we are with them even if we can not attend the concert! And to all you lucky guys out there who are going make some noiz for me(please?! hehe) and mostly for DOM and his family!!! :happy:


I love you Dom, be strong!!! Wish i could be there!!

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Now that I read all those supportive posts I don't know what to say.


Just rock that stage!!!! And make this night hudge

I will think of you here in the Netherlands

:dom: :dom: :dom: :dom:


And of course good luck Matt:matt: and Chris:chris:. I'm sure this will be an awsome show. And I'll probably be really disapointed that I couldn't be there.


GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

:musesign: :musesign: :musesign: :musesign: :musesign:

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