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    Is called Jaeyeon, J, Jade, Pwoper Asian, or Shima.
    Doesn't like girly girls, jerks, strict Asian parents, Twihards, unpunctual alien attacks and bitchy little kids.
    Likes chocolate, Glitterati, making people confused, teh lulz, inside jokes, pervs, vuvuzela and Ninetales.
    Can speak Korean, English, and some pathetic Japanese.
    Is a heartless Tennant fangirl.
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    Seoul, South Kowea
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    Photography, music. Oh, and Muse.
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    Franz Ferdinand, Radiohead, The Killers, Rage Against the Machine, Klaxons, Phoenix, U2, JET, Deftones, Pink Floyd, Slipknot, and a lot moar
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    Harry Potter, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, District 9, Die Hard, Inception, This Is Spinal Tap, Star Wars, and lots of other SciFi/Fantasy movies
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    Doctor Who, The Office(US), Community, The Big Bang Theory
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  1. I AAAAMMMM :awesome::awesome: It'll be awesome. I can't wait :D


    Sorry, I haven't been online in a few days. Been busy, you know, walking the streets of Paris and stuff.



    my friend's going there too, wish I could tag along :supersad:

    although she was more interested in Coldplay at Glasto :chuckle:

  3. you're telling me :LOL:


    OMG MUSE AT READING?! :awesome: my friend is going there too, though she was more interested in Coldplay at Glasto.

  4. God, I haven't been here in forever!

    Black swan is so good! :eek: See it now! (if you haven't already)

    :noey: I wouldn't survive in an all boys school. (:chuckle: I love bad puns!)


    btw, guess who just bought tickets to FUCKING READING!!!!!

  5. Oh dear, board neglect :LOL:


    We just got tickets for Leeds festival to see Muse and I remembered to come back! :p


    :chuckle: It's my birthday tomorrow, BEST BIRTHDAY EVER! :D

  6. zomg rly?! Black Swan? I wanna see it so bad, but it's not out yet :supersad:

    Well, y'know, school. I'm in high school now. :chuckle:

    and it's a girls school. a fucking girls school. no man's land :noey: (bad pun intended)

  7. I've been good :happy: Just chillin. I want to have vacation forever!

    Oh, and I saw Black Swan today :awesome: It was amazing!

    How about you?

  8. oh I will. you continue to underestimate me, sir :phu:


    So how've you been? :D

  9. Haha yeah, that's true :p


    Don't you dare following me on Twitter :pope:

    Just kidding, go ahead :awesome: I never ever use it tho :p

  10. of course, the singing :chuckle: srsly, random things just comes to mind when you're showering or in bed or in a Trig class from hell.


    oh btw, you don't mind if I follow you on twitter right? :p

  11. I know, I think of the weirdest things in the shower! When I'm not singing :LOL:

  12. Well apparently I didn't. :LOL: things you think of in the shower are amusing.

  13. Hey, btw... I thought of something in the shower today. How could you not like The Tourist? It was awesome :awesome: Though I spent half of the movie being terrified that my beloved MacBook was lost forever :p

  14. It's okay :p

    Naah. He's a jerk :phu:


    Only 16 days :chuckle:

  15. Oh wow I haven't been here for ages.... sorry for replying so late :facepalm:

    What. Malfoy's awesome. :awesome:


    and happy new year to you too, although it's a bit late :chuckle::chuckle:

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