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    •The floating drum stick in the Sing for Absolution video
    •"And I've been in trouble, oooohhhh yeeeaaaahhhh!" - Plug in Baby
    •"yea yea yeaaaaa yea yea yea yea yeayea yea o aaa oaaaaaaa!!" from Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist
    •"Wild Turkey's been chosen" from Sober
    •Matt's scarf in the Uprising Video
    •Matt "Oh no I need to go to the toilet" - behind the scenes at Wembley
    •Matt's silver trousers
    •Dom's trip - behind the scenes at Wembley
    •Dom's silver converse shoelace
    •Dom's drum stool in KoC
    •Dom's drum stool in TIRO
    •Chris' Bass strap in KoC
    •Chris "1052..... 1053." - signing album covers
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    Showbiz - CD, Origin Of Symmetry - CD, Hullabaloo - CD, Absolution - CD, Black Holes & Revelations - CD, Haarp - CD, Haarp - DVD, The Resistance - CD
  1. Merry Christmas and hope you have a happy new year! :xmas:

  2. I do too. Also the soap picture. Classic. Sorry im very friendly:P love for everyone!

  3. :happy: thanks :D you seem cool too! :awesome:
  4. :LOL: I love Matt wearing his hat :yesey: I don't know you but.. I LOVE YOU TOO!!
  5. I like you, you seem like a neat person.

  6. I have to add you. Even just for matt + hat. I LOVE YOU.

  7. Best Frontman Poll Results (http://www.digitalspy.co.uk) http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/music/news/a295294/axl-rose-tops-best-frontman-poll.html
  8. Sorry that its late but merry christmas!!!!!! :happy:

  9. Merry Christmas!!!

    Happy New Year!!!


  10. Hi Tom!


    I was just wondering if the new The Resistance iPhone cases will become available for iPod Touches. I really want to buy one, but I don't have an iPhone :supersad::'(

  11. You can! And hope he replies to you x) He talks to fans :D I am yet to get a reply.. :p But I WILL get one! (Well, I hope I do! Haha) x]

  12. You're welcome! :D:LOL: I'm sure you wouldn't! :p


    Ahhh we haven't had a day off :mad: Well, I had wednesday off but I wasn't supposed to :chuckle:

    Goooood! :happy:


    Ermm I dunno... What have you asked for for christmas?? :)

    oh my days, how awesome is the board advent calendar?! :awesome:

  13. We have hardly any snow, it keeps on melting away :( We're doing sleeping beauty and i'm the younger version of the princess before she falls asleep :happy:

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