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  1. aw nooo, I'm at entrance 3, just like the last time.. :( I'll be there early, might come over to you and say hi. :)

  2. Omg hey :3 Ya I know, haven't been on boards literally for aaages! Can't wait for Sat, hopefully I'll see you there x

  3. Hello,ladies. DAMN,haven't been on board ages! Still shitloads to catch up but I went through the pics in this thread. I died,went to heaven and before that got pregnant. :LOL: Also was watching SMBH live at Oxegen 2010,brought me amazing memories. How are you doing?
  4. HIIIIIIIIIIII. :kiss: how you've been yourself?? OMG. missed you so much,love.

    Oh,i'm ok,thank you! :)



  5. THANK YOOOOOU. :kiss: that was so sweet from you. :happy: lovely.


    SHOT GLASS,YES!!!:dance:



  6. Have a happy birthday! :happy::party:


  7. That's right. :happy: I adore cats. And I stricly have decided when I'll move to a new place,I'll definitely will have a cat. :) Ginger one. :yesey: Do you like cats? :awesome:

  8. Well,not really. I'm Latvian living in Ireland for 1.5 years. :)

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