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  1. All good thank you, yourself? How was BIFFY? :D

  2. I'm actually going to Manchester would you believe it.. :p When you reach 40 you'll still be contemplating what you wanna do with your life I don't think anybody ever really knows. Oh I see, not seeing them on the UK stadium tour then?

  3. Belated Happy Birthday, Christmas, Easter, May Day, and all the other holidays to you too. :awesome:

    Yeah all's going swell right now. Going to university believe it or not... :D Hope everythings good with you? What're you still doing on the boards? :p

  4. You sod having Warchild tickets! :p

  5. Oh yeah! I think the day after I posted about how we were in the same queue right?

  6. ''Providing Banter at Full Time Banter Beacon'' :chuckle:

  7. I actually did, couldn't believe my luck both me and my Mum won tickets! :dance:

    So thank you :ninja:

  8. Hahahah just seen your post on tumblr :chuckle: What dates you applied for?

  9. Judging by your signature we've bene to all the same Muse gigs, so I best get a ticket or else for the o2. :chuckle:

    If not I blame you. :phu:

  10. 'Running from Shia LaBeouf' Best location I've seen. :LOL:

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