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  1. Just finished catching up on iPlayer. Looked like a good show, wish I got a ticket now... ahhh.
  2. There's still a few of us in Leeds wandering around. Only new co-ordinates posted were for Reading, slightly confused. 😫
  3. I feel hungover from this gig. 😂 Managed to meet the band before and then got into the venue about an hour after doors have opened. Never been to SBE before but think it is stunning and hopefully not my last gig there. 😁 Didn't know how they'd work the songs Into the set but it was incredible. Assassin and Glorious were some personal faves.
  4. Im not surprised there's people in the queue already. Also, just got the update email saying no support. Maybe they liked Biffy's style and could support themselves.
  5. Got in just before the support. Impressed with this stage, you're so close no matter what. Loved this gig.
  6. Yeah since eFest put Adele as a SR, seems more likely it is gonna happen. Maybe they're waiting til the end of her UK tour to announce it?
  7. Seems quite a few of us have done standing and seating for both nights.
  8. The exact same for me, standing on the 8th, seated on the 9th and it's my 11th and 12th AND I have no money to my name.
  9. I follow Man Arena on Twitter and they posted this link: http://www.eventim.co.uk/tinfo.dll?fun=evdetail&doc=evdetailb&affiliate=MAN&key=1487082$6433472
  10. Couldn't help myself, just bought some Tier 2 seated for the second night. Both nights for me.
  11. I got mine from Eventim in the pre-sale. But you can get tickets for the second date here: http://www.eventim.co.uk/Tickets.html?affiliate=MAN&fun=erdetail&doc=erdetaila&erid=1487082&jumpIn=&month=4&year=2016
  12. Keep trying, it's just because they're in high demand. Not available doesnt mean sold out.
  13. Ahhh bollocks, would love to have tickets for this just for Muse and Foos tbh.
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