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  1. I got the burgundy and yellow hoodie when i went to manchester and it is ridiculously comfy. I had a resistance one a few years ago but i lost it somewhere and i've been looking for a good replacement ever since. Don't really get those copper mugs they're selling for 30 quid though. You can't even put hot drinks in them.
  2. Trying to mentally prepare myself for tomorrow tbh.
  3. Eeee managed to get 2 seating tickets! so so so excited!!
  4. Do you think it's worth keeping on checking for tickets then? Desperate to go!
  5. My tattoo artist is drawing mine up for me! I want a butterfly on my ankle but I'm getting the wings decorated with different coloured hexagons from The Resistance artwork
  6. if anyone's got 2 spare tickets they don't want then feel free to slip me a PM into my warm, welcoming inbox
  7. My boyfriend got tickets and got the etap hotel booked. Sorting trains at that out a bit later on though cause I'll hopefully start uni in september and could potentially have lectures and that in the morning.
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