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    Nova Scotia, Canada
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    Muse, The Beatles, the Sex Pistols, Hole, Rancid, The Misfits, Franz Ferdinand, Lady GaGa Theres sooo much more haha
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    Across the Universe
    The Lord of the Rings (Trill)
    Party Monster
    Forest Gump
    Rocky Horror Picture Show
    Star Wars (Original Trill)
    Sid & Nancy
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    The Hobbit
    Rotten: No Blacks, No Irish, No Dogs.
    Animal Farm
    Ask Alice
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    -The Resistance
    -HAARP Live CD/DVD
    -Black Holes & Revolations
    -Origin of Symmetry
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    October 21 in Quebec City <3
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  1. HUUGE FAN :D and you're welcome!

  2. Oooh, another Scott Pilgrim fan! Thank you. :happy:

  3. Your Sig and profile pic are win btw :) <3

  4. Congrats on your saving the lolz thread. For the first time in a while I actually laughed out loud on that thread =3

  5. Hahaha don't worry about it :)

  6. Ho I'm sorry, I taught you were french ?! I don't know why I thaugh it, maybe it's because it's in Québec and we are a french city ? Sorry..


    I understand your issue, it's not an easy decision..



  7. (I hope you don't mind English, I had to use google translator for your other messages :LOL:)


    It would take a miracle, I did have the money before but something un-fortunate came up. I can't afford the travel plus hotel, food and stuff like that. I dunno, they're becoming more popular in north america so maybe in a few years when they're touring a new album or something I'll have a chance. It's funny because I was an hour and a half away from Manchester on a vacation to England but sadly was headed for home a few weeks before they played.


    Ps. It wouldn't let me send that in a private message so I had to put it on here.

  8. Hmm... It was the lolz thread but they just keep getting less and less funny. The Canadian Muser thread is fun but soo bad at the same time because they're having a huge convo about hockey... and I hate hockey! lol I'm the worst Canadian ever

  9. Ahaha well I suppose your addiction to the Muse forums is a lot healthier than that Mary Jane! :p


    Mmmm and what would you say is your favorite thread as of now??? :D



  10. Hahahaha ohhhhhhh that Mary Jane <3 I used to work at a Camera/Photo printing/framing store and somedays would be pretty darn quiet. So with full access to photoshop and the internet I found ways to entertain myself. There is where I got addicted to the .mu forums lol

  11. Yeah you'd be surprise by how much creativity can come from boredom *coughs* (and weed)! :p


    Mmmm but where do you work at that your day was so boring eh??? :LOL: :LOL:

  12. Hahaha Thanks! Yea I made it myself :) It was a very boring day at my job that day lol. But I'm glad you like it :D

  13. Hello there! Thanks for accepting my friend request!

    I just saw your Avatar and had to add you! :chuckle:


    So awesome...did you make it yourself or is that your boyfriend??? :p

  14. No, we trained it down. West Yorkshire is cute :) Lot's of pretty sights Leeds is <3

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