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  1. Ciao/Hey guys, I have tried to keep the stage a surprise, so I haven't seen any pictures. I want to know, though, what side would be better. I'm not one to stay in the middle - I usually stay on the left - but since Muse are 3 and Chris is on the right (idk about now but that's his spot) I'm thinking about that. Advice?
  2. just another victim of internet bullying :'(

  3. No worries, I don't really think about it. So things are pretty good atm, Life is nice.


    How are you?

  4. Oh my God, I'm sorry :( How are things now?

  5. Haha, I noticed. Hmm...oh right, it was my father who basically told me he was homophobic, and that being gay was unnatural and wrong.


    I wasn't too happy, spent the rest f the evening trying not to cry.

  6. omg sorry, I rarely log on! 'better than mine'? What happened? D:

  7. Sorry, I'm awful at replying in my boat. I never check the love boat section :LOL:


    HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope your start of 2012 was better than mine :awesome:

  8. You are very welcome :kiss:

  9. Thank you Caroline :kiss:

  10. Your ava is awesome beyond words.

  11. LOL at the stunned face :awesome:

    Woah, I knew Simon posted a lot, but I didn't think it would be that much overall :stunned:

    Glad you like :awesome:

  12. The amount of Nathan currently on your profile :stunned:



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