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  1. Suprised!.I think it's weird,how old is he?37,38,and he doesn't sing the falsetto after the guitarpart anymore.If it's to late in the set,play it earlier in the set or don;t play it at all. Ever wonder{,after so many requests}why they don't play Showbiz?. I,m glad that I became a muse fan 17 years ago- I've seen the best gigs with the best setlists.
  2. Micro cuts 2002 https://youtu.be/MYOAlmux_tw Micro cuts 2016 https://youtu.be/rE-Nwd622M8 After 14 years he better stop singing this song ,cause he really lost it. I hope he'll never sings Showbiz again.
  3. I guess,mine was a bit too political.
  4. MADNESS GONE!!!...unbelieveble I gave up my hopes for Showbiz....Oh well,you can't always get what you want. I've seen Showbiz at Lowlands 10 years ago,it was AMAZING![if they never play it again] I can live off the memories for the rest of my life:)
  5. When will we get the answers from the other questions?
  6. Showbiz Bliss Stockholm Syndrome Assassin Resistance Panic station The handler
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