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    one haute muser.
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    born in london. raised in chicago. multi-racial. a dope person.
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    music. school. making money. liking music that other people don't like. shopping. making people laugh.
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    student/muser/hostess/music connoisseur.
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    besides muse?! bloc party. silversun pickups. escape the fate. anberlin. kanye west. depeche mode. && a whole lotta other stuffs.
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    hitch. LOTR. top gun. v for vendetta. transformers. forrest gump. rush hour. boondock saints. interview with a vampire.
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    24. gossip girl. the news.
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    angels and demons. calvin and hobbes. 1984. the da vinci code. sherlock holmes.
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    HAARP. absolution. origin of symmetry. the resistance. black holes and revelations. and some other stuffs.
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    lollapalooza '07.
    chicago, 3/12/10
    wembley 9/11/10. =)
    milwaukee 10/8/10.
    voodoo fest 2010.
    lolla 2011 please?!
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  1. holding on to the obvious fact that the gap in march is gonna be filled with midwest dates. most likely Chi will get two dates. and not to mention they owe Florida some good gigs, so the south will be likely. now i just need those dates to not conflict with school and we're ok....
  2. as long as you get SS, I'LL be happy. because i'm anxious that it'll be dropped.
  3. for the record, this isn't even serious... just thought i should share the LOLz. recently there was an NME article where matt said he wanted a sax solo in The 2nd Law. well seeing as how things are getting really "different" with this album, why not have the Sexy Sax Man himself run up on stage with Muse? (if you don't know the Sexy Sax Man) @cupkaykie and i decided to tweet the SSM himself and... thought it was worth a laugh or two.
  4. Happy early New Year! :awesome::party:

  5. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :xmas:

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