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    Kasabian, Kaiser Chiefs, Oasis, White Lies, White Stripes, RATM, U2 Foo Fighters, The Strokes, Chapel Club
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    CDS and MP3's...Showbiz, Origins, Hullabaloo Soundtrack, Haarp, Absolution, B.H.& R, The Resistance
    CD EP's..Cave, Dead Star/In Your World, Hysteria, Muscle Museum, Starlight, Uno, TIRO
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    O2 November 13th 2009
    Las Vegas Mandaly Bay Events Centre April 10th 2010
    Madrid Estadio Vicente June 16th 2010
    Wembley September 10/11 2010, Reading festival August 28th 2011
  1. Not for me, thought I was listening to George freaking Michael with a bit of Prince thrown in for good measure, to go from Fury being a favourite of Matts to this is just......well beyond me......*leaves in huff*...... Disclaimer..... *THIS POST IS MY OPINION AND IS NOT MEANT TO OFFEND OR PISS OFF ANYONE OFF*
  2. Just had successful email.... Yeeessss *and relax*
  3. What's he building in there intro totally threw me wasn't expecting that at all .... Would hv been nice to have had Dead Star then as a suprise opener....neverthelss I had a great day and a great final gig from Muse for a while
  4. They won't finish on micro cuts, whole album is well under an hour long, add in the encores too
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