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  1. Yep I don't think that was one of his "finer" moments... But I think it was mostly because of that awful haircut he had. I've always been a fan of his shaggier hair.
  2. HUUGE FAN :D and you're welcome!

  3. Your Sig and profile pic are win btw :) <3

  4. But being reminded of Courtney Love shouldn't be a bad thing. Hole is definitely one of the best band's of the '90's. "Black Sheep" and good ol' "Monster Hospital" are fantastic songs. I know I'm not going to the concert but I just can't stay away from you guys haha
  5. Congrats on your saving the lolz thread. For the first time in a while I actually laughed out loud on that thread =3

  6. Personally I loved the Uprising video, very original. I would feel if they went crazy political it would be a cliche. HOWEVER I was insanely disappointed when I saw the video for Resistance. When I first watched it I was like "Oh, good one Muse! you kidders you!" I thought it was a joke... but it wasn't... and its still a shit music video... *is bitter* Soo much potential there for a good video! I must admit I HATE twilight with a burning passion but I like the NSC video better then the Resistance one. Rant complete.
  7. Not unless I somehow I come across a ton of money :/ I just moved and got a job so I've got rent and groceries and a visa bill to work at. It breaks my heart but it looks like not anyways if anyone knows anyone who needs a ticket I'm here! pm me
  8. that's funny, because earlier in the thread we discovered it was by OBEY and the one on this link is by Criminal Damage. They both look the same lol. Here's the link to the one on OBEY, it's in black or blue now for the new season. http://shop.obeyclothing.com/p-2493-run-sucka-run-basic-tee.aspx
  9. *sigh* http://board.muse.mu/showthread.php?t=44312 That's the "Official Merch. Thread"
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