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  1. Big Freeze is a bit lame. I always skip Madness, sometimes Animals and always Big Freeze.
  2. omg Matt's on triple j and he said at the olympic closing ceremony rehearsals Madness were stuck on top of a truck for like three hours and he said he was going to take a photo of himself with them in the background and make it the single cover!
  3. It's not quite what I would expect from the same band that did Endlessly so well. Like it's weird to hear Matt's voice paired with that song? It's difficult to put into words, early days yet.
  4. My opinion of it has improved heaps. It will be interesting to see how it goes live (if they play it). The middle part makes it, and I agree that the second drop happens too soon. Can't wait to see how it goes with Isolated System.
  5. My reaction to the preview was very negative so I didn't seek to listen to it until just now. It really improves towards the end, though the guitar solo seems a little sparse. Someone commented on Matt's voice not sitting so well in the song, I do agree with that. It doesn't really feel like a Muse song, I can see what Matt means when he said you would think it was a different band, if not for his voice.
  6. At this stage I really like Unsustainable, not because it's a great song, but because I just like it. I think I would like it better if the awesome middle part went for longer and possibly rounded up the song. No real need for a second round of strings and robot. But listening it in the context of the album may change these thoughts. The video could be improved by Muse not being on the robot's face.
  7. happy b-day!!! :)

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