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  1. So it dawned on me that my Whammy isn't just good for the solo. Dat octave [soundcloud] [/soundcloud] Best bloody £70 I've ever spent.
  2. [spoiler=ASODISDOGAGOSDOBIJSOIB!!!?$$£%&!~#] Finally
  3. eBay said my Whammy IV was estimated to get here tomorrow, but the guy dispatched it yesterday morning, first class Royal Mail. My head is in turmoil. [impatience to hold Whammy-chan in my arms intensifies]
  4. I've had it stuck in my head all night. Strong contender for my favourite on the album, which is a bit surprising considering we have monsters like Reapers and The Handler on there. It's great until the chordy bit before the bridge kicks in, then it becomes electrifying. The instrumentation, the mix, the melody, the descent into that desperate final chorus, the lyrics hitting close to home personally, the whole thing kicks me so hard in the feels. Fucking hell, Matt.
  5. Virgil was the shit. Thunderbird 2 was the first Soundtech toy I got, and I even had the costume which was basically blue pajamas, a yellow sash and a wee little IR hat. I'm loving the new series too. Doesn't touch the original of course, but I still love what they're doing with it.
  6. Didn't see this thread. I'm bored to shit so I might as well pop it in here too tl;dr everything is fucking five star up until Revolt, where the album eats something it shouldn't and takes a bit of a funny turn but it's still alright I guess
  7. I've really gotten back into gear and playing lately, what with the new album and such. It's sort of lit my musical fire again. So 'ello, long time no see. Also this happened. £70. My right foot is beyond ready Exo Politics is still my waifu
  8. Yeah, that and the instrumental thing were an attempt at a funny. I did like it though. Visions of a sea of Matt clones onstage singing, then Dom shooing them back into their cage with a broom once the song's over. Chris on standby on the other side of the stage in case one of them tries to escape. Actual Matt has an ostentatious glittery suit, purple flashing video glasses, or both to differentiate him from the other Bellamykin.
  9. A personal summary. Dead Inside - absolutely electric, it's like Undisclosed Desires got into bed with Madness. Definitely my favourite on the album. The guitar chords before the bridge, the bridge itself, and how it descends into a dramatic and emotional final chorus just tears at my heart. Fucking 11/10. Psycho - lyrics are a bit "vulgar", for want of a better word, compared to Muse's previous works. Like, if a few years ago you told me I'd hear a Muse song with "your ass belongs to me now" in the chorus, I wouldn't have believed you. Still, it's great seeing that old classic jam riff made into a full song, and I honestly can't think of how it could have been done better. Mercy - a bit "light" and "bright", but I like it. I dig the deep guitar tone. Neat bassline, and I also like the Bliss-style arpeggios. Sounds very BHaR-inspired. Reapers - fucking monstrous on all fronts from start to finish. That's all I really need to say. Tapping is usually looked upon as ostentatious and belonging to the 80's, but it genuinely fits well as an intro here. Great verses, leading into heavy breakdown sections tighter than a nun's devotion to God. First time I heard that solo my penis left my body and ascended to another plane of existence, and I went straight to eBay to scrounge up a Digitech Whammy. I'm not lying. The outro is mental, they pretty much just forgot they were recording in the studio and launched into riffery as if ending the song live. The Handler - another favourite. Dark, desolate, and stripped back. The solo echoes of Stockholm Syndrome mixed with In Your World, and feels like Absolution revisited. Defector - Q U E E N A S F U C K. Not a bad thing, it's fuckin' great. I think this one's the Queeniest they've ever been. Revolt - this one's made for the stadiums. Bright, positive and energetic, I was a bit taken aback at first. The change in tempo is a bit jarring. Bit of an oddball, this one, but it's grown on me a little bit. Aftermath - sounds extremely Dire Straits-inspired to begin with, echoes of Brothers In Arms. Overall a very nice and mellow tune The Globalist - that intro dragged on like a motherfucker; we're talking three minutes of Western-type whistling and slide guitar here. It was a little bit much for me, but after that I do see a slight reminiscence to the latter part of Citizen Erased. Then BAM, riffage. Helsinki Jam all up in this bitch. Eyes wide open, nipples erect. Dat tremolo picking. Good lord. Then that's over pretty soon and it becomes United States of Eurasia. Oh well. That middle section could've been something biblical though. Drones - loved it, beautiful. Will be great live. Can't wait for instrumental version. Overall, seven Pringles™ out of ten. It all took a bit of an odd dive at Revolt, but the first six tracks are, in my mind, some of the very best songs they've put out in recent times. Very satisfied even if the final third isn't quite up to snuff.
  10. +1 for Dead Inside. Lot of emotion packed into that final chorus, and the lyrics hit way too close to home for me. Aftermath is nice though Lots of Dire Straits vibes at the start.
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