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    music i listen to varies from all genres of classical music to metal. too damn lazy to list stuff right now.
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    showbiz, origins, hullabaloo, absolution, black holes, haarp...so i guess there are more b-sides i need to find.
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    Lievin - 31.10.09 - The night all three guys dressed up :awesome:
    Sheffield - 04.11.09
    London - 12.11.09
    Paris - 17.11.09
    Anaheim - 23.9.10
    Rio Ranch0 - 1.10.10
    L.A. Rising - 30.7.11
  1. such an awesome day I'm glad I moved from the barrier to the side wall though - I was shattered after Muse and felt much safer in general. Plus I had a better view of all the mosh pits and bonfires
  2. I hear you. At the same time, if you're going to see a band that has Hollywood connections/even lives here part time trying to see them in this city is a joke. Which is why my main complaint with this is that they bothered to promote it as a public event. Between the sponsors and the radio stations the Mayan would be full - add Warner Bros and the (I'm guessing) extensive guest list and there you go. Wank on Musers
  3. There's a band called Fat White Family playing at the Troubadour that night. Maybe they'd appreciate my attendance
  4. well if any locals want to find a bar down in West Ho that night and meet up just for fun let me know
  5. such is life. this will cheer me up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3V4KfeJBCQ :dance:
  6. Yeah, I saw something about contest event - then I saw they are doing the promo event in NYC so I thought this was legit. muse makin me crey :'( Every person on the east coast that I know that wanted to go to that show ( and one from the UK even) got tickets. Granted, that's about a dozen people (from the board and not from the board). So yay for the New York show
  7. They should just play a private show for corporate/VIPS/promotions and not bother with an alleged general sale.
  8. I want to hear the album before the U.S. tour is announced/tickets go on sale
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