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    release date unknown.
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    they change rapidly.
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    sarcasm--it pays well, too.
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    music i listen to varies from all genres of classical music to metal. too damn lazy to list stuff right now.
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    showbiz, origins, hullabaloo, absolution, black holes, haarp...so i guess there are more b-sides i need to find.
  • Muse Concerts Attended / Attending
    Lievin - 31.10.09 - The night all three guys dressed up :awesome:
    Sheffield - 04.11.09
    London - 12.11.09
    Paris - 17.11.09
    Anaheim - 23.9.10
    Rio Ranch0 - 1.10.10
    L.A. Rising - 30.7.11

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  1. i tease because i lurve :yesey:

  2. HEY I won best mod too :phu:


    I gave it away really :LOL: new mod should hopefully be announced in the near future.

  3. lose or give away then? or just cause your shit arse was fired? ;)

  4. I quit a couple of weeks ago, I was just going to wait out the rest of the year and also for the awards and stuff. MANY REASONS WHY.

  5. I apologise! There was some major behind the scenes fails and then it kinda all got lumped on me which is okay :LOL:


    Not that it's going to concern me in a couple of days, I lose my mod hat :awesome:

  6. worst bitch! why can't i post? :mad:

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