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well we all have our +1s obviously :D


I'll be riding solo.


*insert forever alone face*


I guess the best thing to do would be to organise a time to start queuing.


Yeah, I was wondering when most people were thinking of queuing. I was gonna get there at like 17:30-18:00 but I wanna try and get near the front so I'll arrive earlier if loads of other people are.

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So glad that I got straight through at 9:30am yesterday and managed to get tickets for this gig as its a relatively small venue. Looking forward to seeing how the new songs affect the crowd - i.e. bigger mosh pits :p


Do kinda get the feeling there may be a few more gigs announced before the Festivals kick in though.

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My +1 is a Muser anyway and we'll be there all day so we'll definitely both be up for a meetup! Haven't properly met Musers at a gig apart from 65dos in October so it would be cool.


You met me!


For about 10 seconds and neither of us knew who the other was

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