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  1. Pre-Free... I never really saw Vivarium as an album, more of a long EP it was early 2011 just before Free was released. I was dragged along by my ex and never really got into them until quite a lot later despite going to a fair few gigs... I really wish I'd been paying more attention now, especially when arcane roots and dinosaur pile-up supported :'(
  2. Probably the only arena sized band in the UK that I saw before they'd released their first album... Been a little bittersweet with them since then, but after letting go of poppy prejudices their shows are some of the most fun around.
  3. I'm aware that this is a VERY long shot, but I'm making a documentary about The Sugarmill and there appears to no images or video from this gig anywhere online. If anybody knows of any, or has some hidden away on their computer/old video tapes or even some film photos they could send me I'd be highly appreciative!
  4. Does it come with the reflection?
  5. Any interest for a first edition Green Carrot Pedals Infatuator signed by Mr Vennart himself? Not numbered but it's one of 21 I believe. £200ono (+postage if you're outside the UK)
  6. It doesn't seem it, I gave it a good clean out and checked for burrs and that and it looked ok... I recently changed string guages to a slightly higher guage... Think it'd be worth widening the slot slightly? I'm just a little hesitant to make any permanent changes unless I have to.
  7. I collated and got printed some books to give to them with a load of fan stories and thanks from a fan group on facebook... made one for Neil too and gave it to him on the second night and he said not to give them to the rest of the guys until the next day. Got a call a couple of hours before doors and was told to meet someone at the side entrance and was put in a cupboard for about 20 minutes until Neil came and found me Oh the amount of situations that could apply to On another note... does anyone know how to deal with a string that is seemingly perfectly intonated on every note except for an open string which is significantly flat? I'm currently stuck tuning down half a step and putting a capo on the first fret
  8. Oh man, I really fucking miss those Barras gigs... everything I went to for a few months after just seemed a little bit... not Barras... Getting to go backstage before the gig on the last night to watch the soundcheck and hand over the fan books is pretty much the highlight of my life
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