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  1. Got two seated tickets..... Block 114, Row Q. Very very pleased with the location (took two attempts to get in that block mind!)
  2. Train and about half 7.muse not on till 10 now so guessing that's to do with the heat!
  3. Loving the weather forecast of 38 degrees for this gig. Gonna be a sweaty one!
  4. Anybody else getting the "Special Train" back into rome after the show - just booked a round trip ticket and I think this includes the special train. Google translate is never fun!
  5. Sounds like a great plan to me! Its going to be epic!
  6. Quite pleased to see that "Nothing But Thieves" are the support act for this!
  7. Gone back to listen to "showbiz" this morning. Listening to some of the lyrics they could easily fit in on the next tour, should they want to use songs that fit with the narrative of drones. Take uno for example :- "Cause you could have been number one If you only found the time And you could have ruled the whole world If you had the chance You could have been number one And you could have ruled the whole world And we could have had so much fun But you blew it away" In the context of drones you could read that as The Handler's disappointment at the protagonist's defection. Would love to see that song more in setlists as sounded great on the Psycho tour.
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