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  1. Yeah, it's not too bad so far. Not played it alot though but I probably will play it more it seems like it's quite enjoyable

  2. How goes the saga of banners? Are you enjoying it?

  3. Merry Xmas! I just want to say it.

  4. Surely cruel to be kind?

  5. Because I'm occasionally mean.

  6. You talk a lot of sense. Why don't people (by people I mean 'that' person!) listen to you?

  7. Hi! Sorry, I can`t send message.

    I`m still busy now.

    Oh, yes!

    Let you know about the cinema later.

    Please hold on, thank you!

  8. Hi! Did you notice my message?

  9. Of course! Some people here can be a little unfriendly/rude.

  10. Hello again.

    Thank you for always supporting me.

    I`m just like a lone wolf here.

    My merit is just only positive.

    Would you be my friend here?

    Thank you!

  11. Thank you for comming!

    Yes,I was still rude...

    Lived in the other countries are past now.

    I`ll be careful.

  12. There's no reason to thank me; English isn't your first language, so mistakes are natural! I thought I might have been a little rude!

  13. I have to say sorry and thank you yesterday.

    My character is always like this.


    Please understand and share talking,thank you!

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