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I'd pick New Born at Glastonbury solely for the last note Matt sings (well, technically it's two notes, but you know what I mean.) It isn't incredibly high, it's just so perfectly formed. Start small, crescendo in intensity, add vibrato, ease off into a delicate sigh of a note. A masterpiece in six seconds.


Every time I try to listen to it, I always get stuck listening to those six seconds over and over. I've probably listened to it at least 10 times between typing sentences of this post. :$


easily the best!!! listening all the time!

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I agree with you, NEW BORN on the Glastonbury dvd is brilliant (especially that awesome last note that Matt sustains so incredibly long...as never again, unfortunately...); but my personal favorite is INVINCIBLE in Milan on the Invincible-dvd-single. It is just perfect in every way. And don't forget SHOWBIZ on the Hullabaloo dvd! Love the anger in it...

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Map of The Problematique- Fuji Rock festival 07

Invincible- Milan, Italy 06 (I think it's 06 anyway, if not 07..)

Hyper Music- Fuji Rock Festival 02

Endlessly- Helsinki, Finland 03

KoC- V festival 08

Showbiz- Reading 06


That's all I can think of right now. I'm not really too sure on my other favourite performances of particular songs.

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The problem with Wembley is that every song played at that gig is played better somewhere else. Yes, the stockholms syndrome outro is amazing but in general I had the idea there were a bit out of place in a big stadium like Wembley.


B&H is probably the only stand out track at wembley.

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Anyone with half a brain should realise that Stockholm Syndrome at Glasto 04 is one of THE greatest live performances ever ever! Not just by Muse, but Evarr! :happy:That's my personal opinion. I'll stop now before my 3-and-a-half hour rant about the lack of its prescence on the Abso DVD begins.... (fuckers, whoever it was that had a hand in that decision! :mad:) ..ahem, okay I'll stop now :D

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