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  1. I went to the Who shop. And did lots of sighseeing again :)

  2. Well I díd text you in the morning when we arrived. But hey, I had lots of fun with my friends so I didn't mind that much. Better luck next time :LOL:

  3. Ah well just wait and see what the whole album is like!


    I know :/ it's number six now. It's "Dan - 02/11/08" and the thumb nail is the girl with the box!

  4. Ah I've heard it already. I don't really like it enough to want to see him though :/


    It's not no.1 anymore, I can't find it :( what film was it?

  5. It's out sometime in April, there is one song that you can listen to now on his site. I think it's Jonsi.com :p


    Also my first short film is number one for film of the month on Shooting People.com (At this minute, hopefully stays there!)




  6. Ooh! That is so tempting.. I don't know whether I like his solo song enough though to wanna go see him. Is his album out yet? If so, I'll give it a listen and get back to you on whether I wanna see him or not :)

  7. "Meanwhile, details of his first live concerts outside of Sigur Rós will be announced next Monday (Feb 1). The shows which start in North America in April, will feature a brand new band and a stage set designed by 59 Productions. Both these things promise to be drop-dead amazing. The idea of the stage collaboration with 59 Productions is to bring together the worlds of theatre and music in a new and hopefully unique way, in order to create something other than the hoary old cliches that pass for innovation in rock'n'roll. The ideas remain very much "in development", but there will be some surprises, for sure. Here's a maquette (a tiny cardboard model, to you and me) of how things might appear. Cute, huh?"


    Wanna go see Jónsi live?

  8. so I asked the music teacher and he doesn't know it either :LOL: He wants to meet his cousin there. But he's going to ask the bus driver next week so I have to 'find' him again. So I'll let you know next week! :kiss:

  9. aww. i don't really either no. but that's because i haven't really got invited to anything. i'm such a loser :p


    Tbh I don't know.. i haven't spoken to him for a week. i think he's gonna choose another girl over me :( i see him next week though so i guess i'll find out then. i just think he's gonna have changed his mind. i'll be surprised if he hasn't cause things never usually go my way when it comes to this kinda stuff :p

  10. Yeaah I'm okay!


    I will do soon! I'm just very forgetful D: i never really celebrate haha, do you usually celebrate?


    Hows things with that person :D?

  11. Hey, I'm okay thanks. You?


    You should do that hehe. I didn't celebrate either.. bad times :( Why didn't you?


    That's an awesome cover btw. :D

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