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Micro Cuts at Montreux

Stockholm Syndrome at Glastonbury \ Earl's Court (Those are equal for me)

Citizen Erased Hullabaloo

Showbiz Hullabloo


those are also my top 5 muse songs with bliss, which i dont have any particular performance that i love but most of them are great :D

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Another one I can't believe I forgot! My favourite Hysteria ever is Auckland 2007:



Just listen to the start bit, Matt playing along with the bassline. I've never heard him do that apart from this time. Was disappointed when I saw them again down in Christchurch a couple of days later and he didn't do it. Absolutely love it, he should do it more.

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Newborn at PinkPop 2007


I always get the chills watching that whole performance, especially the RATM riff at the end.


My favorite Muse moment from all the gigs I've been to is 'Knights of Cydonia' is Bogota, Colombia.

muse - público - knights of cydonia

The video doesn't show the crowd chanting that "wwooooo wooooooohh woooooaah", but here's a link to the mp3 courtesy of our buddy Sousous:



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