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    My name is actually Wilfred Lancelot Pittams :D
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    who cares?!..................... Setlists: 235
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  1. Hey, have you checked out The Armed's new album yet? I reckon it'll probably be in my top 10 for this year :)

  2. I'll give this a go: Showbiz (the only easy(ish) choice, and I would still be happy with Muscle Museum over Showbiz) Filip Falling Down Cave Showbiz OoS Plug in Baby Citizen Erased Micro Cuts Screenager Absolution Hysteria Blackout Butterflies and Hurricanes The Small Print Black Holes Exo-Politics City of Delusion Hoodoo Knights of Cydonia Resistance (I really don't like IBTY but) Unnatural Selection MK Ultra IBTY Exogenesis 2nd Law (Don't like Survival either, but it's still better than Supremacy, and I prefer Madness to Follow Me) Madness Panic Station Prelude Survival
  3. Hello Joe! I am (finally) listening to your record as we speak! It's pretty good, but there are a few things on here that are somewhat bothersome to me.

    S'it okay if I give you some critique?

  4. You have to like the band to listen to them? What kind of promotion is that? I'm not gonna like a band I don't know, I don't even "like" bands I do like
  5. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Ruled By Secrecy would be a great opener. 1 Ruled By Secrecy 2 New Born + Head Up riff 3 Stockholm Syndrome + School riff 4 Fury 5 Resistance + Interlude 6 Hysteria 7 Plug in Baby 8 Falling Down 9 Screenager 10 Citizen Erased + piano outro 11 The Gallery intro + Space Dementia 12 Hyper Music 13 Muscle Museum 14 Showbiz 15 Intro + Cave + Jimmy Jam 16 Bliss 17 Knights of Cydonia 18 Falling Away With You 19 Glorious 20 Eternally Missed 21 Spiral Static 22 The Groove 23 Dead Star 24 MK Ultra 25 Micro Cuts
  6. I haven't posted in Main Muse in over a year I think, but I thought I'd come here and check how my post count for this thread was doing compared to everyone else's. I'm 7th now; good work everyone
  7. You can listen to their 'In Nothing We Trust' record for free on last.fm. It's a very, very solid album. Maybe even one of my favourites. (:


    Reuben, that is ;)

  8. yay! a fellow boosh fan :)

  9. :O ledgend of milky joe <3 sorry that was randon..i couldn't let that username just pass by..

  10. happy birthday!! :D:party:

  11. Happy birthday dude.


    Have a good one.

  12. I'm gonna make a setlist out of songs I've seen live 1 Plug in Baby 2 The Small Print 3 Resistance 4 Interlude + Hysteria 5 New Born + Head Up riff 6 Forced In 7 City of Delusion 8 Fury 9 Nishe 10 Cave (piano version) 11 Ruled By Secrecy 12 Megalomania 13 Muscle Museum 14 Assassin 15 Crying Shame 16 Knights of Cydonia 17 Dead Star 18 MK Ultra 19 Micro Cuts 20 Stockholm Syndrome + School riff 21 Citizen Erased 22 Bliss (extended)
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