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  1. It's so depressing, I can't see a single concert of the upcoming tour because I have to work...:'( But for all those going to Antwerp: Sportspaleis is GREAT, I was there in 2009 and would give very much to be there again in december... And more good news: The last gig in 2009 in Torino was absolutely amazing! I have been to quite a few concerts of that tour and that last one was among the very very best! I'm terribly jealous at you all!
  2. Anything new about this project...??
  3. Well, at least I know that it wasn't a fata morgana...
  4. Once again, CarrieB, you say things that I think too but could never have written in that beautiful way... RbS being so intimate, I'm always disappointed when people start talking to one another during live performances of it, I think it's so disrespectful towards that song. I think that for Muse, being where they are now, the only way of getting even bigger is: getting "smaller" again... and writing more intimate songs again would be a good way to start! And I'm definitely on for it!
  5. Did anyone by chance spot that guy who on the 10th was dressed exactly like Matt @ Wembley 2007? Red suit, white shirt, shiny shoes, even the hair was "right"... I saw him walking around the stadium on his own shortly after noon... Did anyone by chance take a picture of him?
  6. I went on friday and it was a great night, even if I was only sitting on level 5 far far far back and the screens looked just tiny from there and as I was staring most of the time at them to see anything at all, I was a bit disappointed that they went all blurry sometimes, but yet - great night! Loved NSC and Ibty, and TaB, wow, never expected to hear that one! Thank you, Muse, for another unforgettable night! By the way, has anyone else been staying at the Wembley Plaza? 7th floor was reserved for the crew (or parts of it) and it was so great to see those black "upstaging"-t shirts already at breakfast...(-: Met some really nice Musers around London in those days, it was so great to spot Muse-shirts here and there... And to that nice crew guy who took a picture of us standing before the stage truck, big thanks!
  7. Is anyone here who is as unfortunate as I and could only get a level 5 seat?? I hope there will be a fantastic atmosphere even on level 5, as far away from the stage as possible... For my part, I surely will not sit (the f*ck) down a single minute, at least not during Muse's set! From my past concerts I know that seats are not always bad - but can be... well, thumbs up for the 10th! Anyone here sharing level 5 with me??
  8. Hi, just got my very beautiful ticket from ticketmaster, I hope you all will have yours very soon as well! Â I need a crying smiley (oops, paradox...) now, because the Wembley map in the first post (which is on the back of the ticket as well) just confirmed what I feared, namely that I'll be sitting as far away from the stage as possible... O, just found the crying one (it's a crying shame) :(:'(:'(:'(:'( Â (but, well, :LOL: for seeing Muse at all this year...)
  9. Helen T

    Hi! Thankyou. The photo was one I took when I saw them in LA in 2007 and the caption just had to be done :)

  10. My worst experience on a Muse gig might have been the first night in Teignmouth: I was standing really close to the stage which was great, but as soon as Muse came on stage, I felt like I was just being crushed (lost, crushed, cold and confused), because people were pushing like mad (and, well, it was my first festival...) and I couldn't even breathe properly. But the worst thing was that the acoustics weren't that good on the barrier, so that I could only hear the people around me singing, I saw Matt sing but didn't hear his voice, which was simply terrible, it made me really sad... During their set I was being pushed to probably the muddiest place on the Den, and thanks to a huge (and sweaty and stinking) giant right in front of me I only saw shoulders for the rest of the gig... But at least the second night in Teignmouth was absolutely perfect! Other bad moment was in Antwerp, where I had a very bad seat in a section where everyone seemed determined not to stand up and to talk with one another instead (), and above all, my throat started to hurt really bad during the gig and I went home with high fever... But Antwerp was one of the best gigs ever! Muse were so crazy that night!! I would have paid a million if I could have stood right down in the pit...
  11. AT

    Hello there,

    just came across one of your posts and I need to say: I LOVE YOUR SIG (the god fallen asleep...)!!! It really made me laugh for a while!:D Great idea (and nice picture...)!!

    Cheers! (-:

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