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  1. It's so depressing, I can't see a single concert of the upcoming tour because I have to work...:'( But for all those going to Antwerp: Sportspaleis is GREAT, I was there in 2009 and would give very much to be there again in december... And more good news: The last gig in 2009 in Torino was absolutely amazing! I have been to quite a few concerts of that tour and that last one was among the very very best! I'm terribly jealous at you all!
  2. Helen T

    Hi! Thankyou. The photo was one I took when I saw them in LA in 2007 and the caption just had to be done :)

  3. AT

    Hello there,

    just came across one of your posts and I need to say: I LOVE YOUR SIG (the god fallen asleep...)!!! It really made me laugh for a while!:D Great idea (and nice picture...)!!

    Cheers! (-:

  4. henners

    no problem!

  5. AT

    Hello there, thanks for the request! (-: Cheers, AT.

  6. AT

    Welcome on this board, new MUSE-fan!:)

  7. Hey! (-: How was the Paris gig??

  8. Hi there,

    so sorry I didn't answer earlier! Thanks for all your messages! Just sent you one back... (-; Cheers! :-)

  9. Hi, hope you got my replies...

  10. Hello there! (-; (Where??)

  11. Hi,

    just had a look at the intro to the Muse-Movie: really BRILLIANT!

    I think Muse should hire you to assist Tom Kirk in making videos about them!

    Cheers (and please don't forget me...)

  12. Hi there,

    thanks for your message! (-; Hope your "newsletter-problem" is solved by now... Keep Muse-ing, and happy anticipation for "The Resistance"! :-D (it might even contain an "unplugged"-song, who knows...(-; )

  13. Hiya God sorry hadn't checked my messages for ages! LOL! I absolutely adore Butterflies and Hurricaines so that'd be the one for mine unplugged - hey I'm having problems signing up for the newsletters did you manage to do it okay? I just didn't receive a confirmation email at all :0(

  14. AT

    Hi Karita,

    Just wanted to ask where you got that beautiful picture of Matt's magical hands from? Couls you send it to me somehow?? (-:



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