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  1. Well his voice is going to be more able some days than others depending on whether he's been doing gigs back to back the nights before or if he's been rehearsing all day. In which case, his voice is going to be extremely tired and he may only attempt a few of the hard notes. I checked on Musewiki where Resistance was in the set that night at lollapalooza and it was the twelfth song. Obviously by then his voice is tiring (like I said a singer's voice will start to tire after an hour) and he may have wanted to conserve his voice for better songs.
  2. No, i just haven't read the entire thread. All of these gigs are on separate dates. Actual proof would be a video of Matt hitting a harder note after avoiding one in a previous song at the same gig. If you can find me that, then you can have the badge. From flicking through a couple of pages on this thread it seems you have argued with other people. So, obviously you tend to initiate said arguments.
  3. I read your posts ages ago. If he's an idiot what are you doing on here discussing everything he does? Bit sad, don't you think? The reason i got angry about this in the first place was because you got on a high horse and started trampling my opinion. You haven't quoted any proof to me at all. What are you arguing about again? i fail to see any significance in all of this.
  4. Oh please. I just think it's probably a combination of his voice tiring and him worrying he'll strain on the note. If not, he's probably singing it different for the sake of variation. Or hell, it might just be because he's lazy. I'm just thinking about it from a musician's point of view. When did I say that it's not because he wants to save his voice? That was my opinion in the first place. Oh, now I know why I stopped posting here. This section of the board is obsessive and creepy.
  5. It probably was, I recognise your username The only thing i've assumed is that you have too much time on your hands. You couldn't possibly know the real reason as to why he avoids certain notes sometimes, so what a useless discussion this is. Hence i said sometimes. It's quite laughable how much you obviously love an argument.
  6. I was answering the thread, not yours or anyone else's posts in particular. I'm sorry I don't have the time to read the whole bloody board. If I do, will I be allowed to have an opinion then? I can't understand how they would opt for laziness when surely they are going to want to put on the best show they can? I was simply saying it is most likely due to the strain of rehearsing and touring. But i'm sorry, you obviously know when they rehearse and what toothpaste they use. Sometimes. They've played for nearly 2 hours when i've seen them. Shit I must have been lying, sorry.
  7. It's not laziness. If they're on tour, they playing gigs almost every night and sometimes they can be up to 2 hour sets. After about an hour a vocalists voice will start to go. He's holding back because if he was to fully go for it every night he'd lose his voice and would struggle for the rest of the tour. Sometimes vocalists will go without talking during the day to preserve their voice for a gig! He probably tends to go for it more at one-off gigs where he hasn't got to worry about conserving his voice.
  8. Anything as long as it's done by Storm Thorgerson! I LOVE his artwork.
  9. I would be happier to pay for a hard copy because I have tried to download these things before and I just don't seem to be mentally competent enough to do so. :'(
  10. I don't necessarily disagree with anything said in this review, I can definitely see where they are coming from. Although to state something like 'had it, lost it, gone forever' is a bit harsh. Most would agree that musically they have not evolved for the best, but they certainly have live. Muse's live performances pre and post Glasto 2004 are like watching two completely different bands. This kind of event was definitely not right for a festival - especially Reading. I did feel the drop in the crowd's atmosphere during Screenager and Darkshines, however it's been notably said that the crowd responded similarly during UD and Resistance. I think if they were going to commemorate OoS by playing it in full, it should have been done so at a Muse gig. If done so at a festival, mixed up with the hits and not played in order because the result was just utterly confusing to the mass of casual fans. Like someone said, it was perhaps a bit arrogant for Muse to assume everyone would be on board.
  11. That's where I went wrong. Thankfully I learnt my lesson and stood behind the second barrier for Muse. Had plenty of room to dance about! I'd really like to go. It really bugs me because it's a 45 minute drive straight on the M25 but over 2 hours on public transport. Guess which one is my option! I suspect it would be worth it though.
  12. I don't think it's anything as serious as that... just my head is very bruised. Thanks for your concern I can barely walk today because of all the jumping around, it's always the worst thing after a muse gig.
  13. Yeah, the only thing was that I was around non-musers and I think I freaked them out with how mental I was going. I didn't expect Elbow to be anywhere near that good! i'm certainly intrigued to see them at one of their own shows now. I thought the frontman of Friendly Fires was hilarious with his dancing! Eek, people just don't realise. Well the side of my head is really swollen and I can't really eat properly because I can barely close or open my jaw without being in pain. Might have to go to the doctors
  14. They just don't seem to think or have any consideration for anyone else. Someone threw a shoe up into the air and it landed and smacked me on the head. The thing with festivals is that most kids are just there for the festival exp. and because it's 'cool' to go, not because of the music. ESPECIALLY with Reading.
  15. Really hated all the drunken 16 year olds there. I think i'll try and avoid ever going back to Reading. I thought OoS seemed a bit rushed too, either that or I was enjoying singing and dancing along so much that the time just flew! The hits were standard, bar Resistance which I found incredibly dull. I wouldn't care if they never played any of The Resistance live again tbh. Loved the intro, really felt like Hullabaloo had come to life!
  16. As good as always! This was my first Muse gig not on the barrier and I actually really enjoyed being able to stand back and dance.. even if I was the only one spazzing out where I was. I really enjoyed Friendly Fires and I thought Elbow's set was beautiful! Hated all the other bands though. It would have been better if i hadn't got smacked on the head by a boot earlier on in the day. I don't understand why people do stupid things like throwing shoes into the air. Cuntz My ears are still ringing!
  17. I've seen people queue from early in the morning only to get pulled out moments before or after muse have come on and it's really sad. I found it extremely crushy when I went to the o2 gig and actually got winded from being shoved into the barrier so hard. I suppose it's stupid to assume Reading won't be even rougher. Well, maybe I should re-think the barrier plan.
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