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  1. I always felt this is one of the best performances of Knights of Cydonia: [YT]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tl2Abi-fxsw[/YT] So much energy and Dom goes absolutely berserk at the end! Any other contenders?
  2. Citizen Erased, Knights of Cydonia & Unnatural Selection.
  3. I thought it was too, but during the actual experience live, it sounded pretty good to me. But the pro-shots sound quite boring. Love the production and singing but it's just to hard to pull that off live I guess. Mercy btw sounds massive live, I didn't see that coming.
  4. This might be my least favorite of the album. I have lot's of fun listening to Revolt, which I hated at first, but I find myself never reaching for this song. I only listen to it when I have the whole album on playback. 5/10
  5. I agree, the 04 performances are not going to be topped but I think it's definitely the best performance of SS since then. Makes it the best performance of the last decade
  6. Wow, what a setlist & performance. The Handler's last chorus is amazing. Amazing raw energy. Also, best Stockholm Syndrome in years!
  7. Voted for Stockholm, with this being a very close second, love the feel in the live versions:
  8. It's early, but this might be my new favorite Muse song. Last chorus gives me goosebumps every time. The way he delivered it at Download...man. I won't let you control my feelings anymore And I will no longer do as I am told And I am no longer afraid to walk alone Let me go Let me be I'm escaping from your grip You will never own me again
  9. I had a really great time yesterday. I thought the setlist was really good. Would love them to swap Resistance with MoTP & Madness could be dropped for Dead Inside imo, having both seems a bit much. Crowd loves madness though. But I thought it was a great gig, good mix between the big hits & the heavier songs.
  10. Damnit, anyone else wishes the verses were twice as long? Like at 3:52 is like one of the most beautiful things I have heard from Muse, but it only last 10 seconds:(
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