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  1. It'd be a pretty boring game but I'd probably still buy it. Muse songs aren't that interesting to play on Guitar Hero, none of them have insane guitar parts or anything.
  2. I Belong to You and Exogenesis, definitely.
  3. Glowsticks ftw. I remember people around us were in awe when you first switched all those on, and we were at the other side of the venue.
  4. It was such a great day, had a day out in London followed by the epicness that was the concert, followed by the semi-successful stage door waiting adventure.
  5. OMG ITS AWESOME!/1! I think it's safe to say this will get pretty high in the charts, and that America will finally recognise Muse with the VMA performance. The beat is immense, as is the bass, the vocals, the guitar solo, and everything about it. It's like TIRO, SMBH and a hint of Starlight all mashed together. In a good way. :D:D
  6. I don't mind Muse being in Twilight, it worked really well with the scene imo. So what if some teenage girls like SMBH, Muse already have their fair share of obsessive and annoying fans so adding a few more won't make much of a difference!
  7. I spoke to a tout company earlier who said that they bought sixty standing tickets for the Friday O2 date. Muse seriously need to do something about this. I don't have tickets for this tour and I'm gutted, and it pisses me off to know that these companies can get away with buying so many.
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