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Where will Panic Station chart?


Where will "Panic Station" chart?  

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  1. 1. Where will "Panic Station" chart?

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    • 40 - 25
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    • Number 1

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I think I read somewhere that Panic Station is the intended next single but I can't seem to be able to place any sort of prediction on what position it will peak at in the UK singles chart.

I realise these things don't matter as some of Muse's greatest tracks haven't got anywhere near the top 40 but I would still like to get some idea of where other fans think it could go.

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The way i see it is...


Charts should reflect the greatness of songs like in the old days buttttt

These days simple people like simple noise not great music.


Basically this song SHOULD logically be number 1 but some crap from Rihanna

will take the top spot.


Panic station is amazing.


Like the person above said Charts are useless buttttt


Don't you worry that REAL music will soon be gone!! lol

Every music channel on sky has 92% rubbish on it. Really annoys me but it's good to see the new Album hit number 1 on Sunday :) Hope it stays there!

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The sticker on my album says Madness, Panic Station and Follow Me, which is odd considering Survival was a single.


Survival actually isn't considered an official single for the album. The band themselves have said that. It was just released for the Olympics. Madness was the first official single.

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Well it won't get to number 1 (probably not top 10 either ) because I've never seen a Muse song that high (where did Madness chart?) so i would say somewhere in the middle. Of course the majority of the rest of the charts will be the usual unlistenable crap. :mad:




Also, Muse have had 4 singles in the top 10 in the past; TIRO, SBH, KOC and Uprising with quite a few being just outside of the top 10.

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The band says a lot of things...




If they do release, I have high hopes. The song is already in their Top 5 Most Played Songs on Spotify and charted in the Rock Charts.


If they market it well and release a physical copy (B Side optional) and make a great video for it, it could well be the most successful charting single they've released to date.


Follow Me on the other hand, is also chart material but right now Panic Station seems a better choice. The Nero Factor will help it chart somewhere decent.


Release both I say, Panic Station first.

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most people are idiots and consume RIHANNA will i am , maroon 5 etc



but im surprised that 500,000 americans have bought MADNESS as a digital download


and be honest, it surprises us all that MUSE had and have success with their last albums

in the usa




a couple of american mainstream stations do play madness more than MAROON 5 one more chance or gangnam style

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