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    20.11.12, Papp László Budapest Sportaréna, Budapest
  1. yeah, I guess everyone's got that obsession period. mine was when I started discovering all the songs in depth and I was like "that's it, it doesn't get better than this....hey look, a better song!" I couldn't even see how shit the shit parts of The Resistance were because it was the first album I've heard and I was just drooling all over it. Now I just facepalm everytime I think back to how epic I thought US was... Then T2L came and I slowly came back to earth, the whole thing was a disappointment, bar a few moments (animals, survival, isolated system). I tried persuading myself that "come one man, look how epic Supremacy is" but I had to realise that the whole thing somehow lost momentum. Then came drones, and it went from "meh" to shit. Like, seriously shit. Other than The Handler, I can't name one song on that thing that doesn't make me cringe or frown. Not sure I even want to spend money on seeing them this year, I could afford 3 much better shows for that price.
  2. that's not very controversial though. controversial would be something like saying that it's better than anything on drones. and it is.
  3. well if you're willing to risk getting thrown out then go for it it's only worth it if you're able to get a fairly good place somewhere in the front rows thoguh, in that case GA>seats by all means.
  4. italians probably win. they're awesome at singing along and are generally crazy and fun throughout.
  5. I'd refrain from overly falsetto songs, my experience is that people are weirded out by it on first listen. I mean I showed shrinking universe to one of my female friends and she covered her mouth and started trembling as a reaction. pretty wtf, yeah, but there you go
  6. 80% of those are pretty dreadful imo a film score by Matt would be nice. Nothing else would really get me excited. I wasn't exactly amazed by what we've heard of Chris's songwriting so far and as for Dom I just can't see him doing anything really different from something like vicky cryer. but since I think Muse themselves have pretty much become a huge meh/ew, I don't think their solo projects would be any better.
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