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  1. Gig is tonight Completely forgot these gigs were coming up. I still have 1 standing ticket for sale, I can meet you at the gig if interested.
  2. I never received mine. Spoke to them yesterday, they say it was sent in November but it never got to me. Call them and they can arrange for you to collect from the box office at the SSE Arena.
  3. Hey all, Listed 1 GA (standing) ticket in the musebay thread. http://board.muse.mu/showthread.php?p=11411991#post11411991 My +1 isn't able to attend, I'll meet you at the gig if interested in sale.
  4. Here it is live https://instagram.com/p/0lb8cLBo3C/. I really like this song, it's hilarious in a feel good kind of way. When he throws his fist up ahahaha, perfect.
  5. Aircoach €20 return from Dublin, O'Connell Street. http://www.aircoach.ie/ I'd recommend these coaches over Bus Éireann. Can anybody from Belfast confirm that the Aircoach destination (Glengall Street) is actually this close to the venue? Seems too good to be true. https://www.google.ie/maps/dir/Glengall+St,+Belfast+BT12+5AB,+UK/Ulster+Hall,+34+Bedford+Street,+Belfast,+County+Antrim+BT2+7FF,+United+Kingdom/@54.5952905,-5.9361814,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m14!4m13!1m5!1m1!1s0x486108f7dcad2133:0x2de413cafd3e90ca!2m2!1d-5.9366433!2d54.5952402!1m5!1m1!1s0x486108f842f3b99b:0x5c77cff6815af1c9!2m2!1d-5.931106!2d54.594642!3e2
  6. They just told us we had to have an O2 sim card or be with somebody else who had one, every sim was +3 guests or something. We were chatting to these two girls that got in which we might have been able to get in with but they disappeared when the rush started to get into the queue. Still had a good night none the less! Me and my cousin were front of the second queue, so we didn't end up being too far off.
  7. Matt seemed so completely chuffed with himself about the crowd reaction to the Starlight sing along bit. Was a bit miffed about the "priority" line fiasco after 8 hours of queuing but I guess next time I attend a gig there I'll just show up at 6pm with my new O2 sim card and get the barrier.
  8. Ah yes, that's what they look like! All is good then. Thanks for the help.
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