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  1. This is the first time I've been on since drones came out but I go on muse Reddit every day. It makes me sad to think there might be some people still lurking here thinking they are the last few left when the chat has just moved elsewhere lol
  2. Because it's a parody and they have embraced the cheese rather than trying to be serious makes me absolutely love it. its funny, its stupid but it's also fucking awesome. Can't stop listening to it
  3. I have no idea how people are getting starlight from that 2 second clip
  4. Unreal gig tonight. The crowd were amazing and the set was special. I feel like muse always make an effort for the scottish crowds in terms of their set. We got the bagpipe jam, assassin debut during the bh&r tour and ruled by secrecy on the t2l tour. Not to boast but in the 7 gigs ive been to ive seen: Stockholm syndrome x7 Bliss x3 Citizen erased x2 Dead star x2 Agitated x2 Take a bow Ruled by secrecy Uno Host Micro cuts Blackout Hyper music Unintended I'm extremely lucky lol
  5. I actually found that really difficult I think you were missing a genre or two. I'm not sure what tho . Like I belong to you for example it made me think of the song and think wtf actually is this I think muse should be a genre in itself. When a band creates music that can't really be identified they should just say yeah its muse. I would say as a band they are probably alternative rock as that genre is quite expansive and can mean many things.
  6. I expect the cheesy setlists to change after the US tour. They will play their singles over there because that is what is known. Once they come to Europe we will see the rarities and better setlists. Also the globalist looks amazing live and the new drone is awesome.
  7. Starlight was at its best at the beginning of this year and during the festivals imo I cant understand why he has reverted to not playing his guitar again because the tone previously was perfect.
  8. Im hoping that they played all of their poppier songs as it is the first night on the tour and they maybe just playing songs they feel more comfortable with. But man that setlist is riduclously poor
  9. Thats the one mate. I said tickets were unavailable to me also then i used muse.mu link and copy and pasted my european member code and was fine. Prices are a joke though
  10. Use the link from the muse website not ticketmaster. 71 quid man thats ridiculous
  11. I was there and both mercy and dead inside were monsters, The bass was ridiculously good. Didnt feel out of place at all.
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