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  1. Cheers, I'll give that a go if it doesn't fix itself this evening.
  2. Pre-ordered the album, but can't download the digital version of The Dark Side, anyone else having this problem? (the other three tracks are available and working)
  3. Got three tickets for this without any issue once the site was up and running. Managed to get an extra ticket today as well! I think I'm done seeing Muse on big tours in the UK, you get none of the headaches for many of the events abroad.
  4. Hmmm, the pre-sale page is returning no results.
  5. Watched it on iPlayer this morning. Dull setlist and one of the most pedestrian performances I've ever seen from them, but I suppose the crowd of children and Radio One listeners didn't help. Download will be a completely different kettle of fish though. I also quite enjoyed the performance of Mercy, which was surprising as I really dislike the studio version.
  6. ourmatetone

    Psycho UK Tour

    Not for Brighton. Got a "SOLD OUT" message about fifteen seconds after 9:30 AM. How the hell did you manage that?? I would've been elated to get a ticket to just ONE show.
  7. Ah OK, cheers for the clarification.
  8. I thought the Tokyo show with all the epic b-sides and old school stuff was supposed to be released as an extra to this? I'm rather disappointed. Been looking forward to a Muse blu-ray in years, but this just seems like a sub-standard release. Pretty much decided to skip the theatrical release after hearing of the set list cuts. Plus the full set list at Rome wasn't much cop anyway. I saw them twice on this tour and both times had better sets*. (*All IMO of course)
  9. Thanks a lot! (recently added a couple more, with others to come yet...)
  10. They're wearing the same clothes to fit with the visuals on the screen, like the clones of the band during Uprising and the bit with Matt and the open caskets during UD.
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