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  1. The way i see it is... Charts should reflect the greatness of songs like in the old days buttttt These days simple people like simple noise not great music. Basically this song SHOULD logically be number 1 but some crap from Rihanna will take the top spot. Panic station is amazing. Like the person above said Charts are useless buttttt Don't you worry that REAL music will soon be gone!! lol Every music channel on sky has 92% rubbish on it. Really annoys me but it's good to see the new Album hit number 1 on Sunday Hope it stays there!
  2. couldn't resist just had to post something

    Your a legend!

  3. yeh this is a cool idea There are tabs all over the net but often their wrong (or not the way matt plays it) or are incomplete so compling a good selection is kewl.
  4. I like playing Uprising on elec, im gonna try unnatural selection soon thats such a tune. I usually find myself playing: KoC, Fury, Starlight, Plug in baby, Dark Shines, Showbiz, Minimum and other riffs.
  5. Im learning guitar, muse songs can get hard to play. Anyone playing songs from the resistance yet, ofc you are xD
  6. I've been learning it for a while now Anyone learnt any of the Resistance songs yet?
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