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  1. Depending on the day, I would maybe swap MK and Blockades, but yeah pretty much spot on. I still maintain that the solo in Defector is one of my favourite things Muse have done and it belongs in a far far better track. Edit: meant MK, not Exo
  2. That's exactly what I did yesterday My spotify playlist goes like this: Algorithm The Dark Side Pressure Propaganda Break It To Me Blockades The Void Algorithm (alternate) The Dark Side (alternate) The Void (acoustic) The Dark Side (Instrumental) If I pretend the last four tracks are just like a reprise you'd see on a concept album, then it's actually a really tight 11-track record.
  3. After a few listens I gotta say I love the overall tone The Void has, but not liking the vocals very much, especially in the verses. Sort of makes me cringe and I can't actually put my finger on why that is.
  4. Probably on a post-leak high but I haven't heard a track from the previously unreleased lot that I haven't liked yet. Except maybe Get Up And Fight, sounds way too much like Revolt 2.0 for my liking. The rest I'm reeeally digging though
  5. In fairness those early pre-album live vids from E-Werk in Cologne, despite being recorded on phones, made tracks like Follow Me and Supremacy sound incredible imo, got me so hyped for the album. ...Then we got the real tracks a couple of weeks later
  6. Great tune, their best since The Handler/Reapers in my opinion Think the overwhelmingly positive reception to TDS shows what most of us have known all along, fans aren't completely averse to stylistic change, it's simply the quality of the track.
  7. I kind of hope for a future scenario where they come full circle and scale down the shows, but in all honesty there is absolutely no precedent to suggest they are going to do that. As for the music itself, I sort of think it's beyond redemption at this point. That's definitely not to say everything they've release last few years has been poor from top to bottom, but as someone mentioned earlier, even in most of the tracks that garner high praise, there's an unshakable element of cheesiness and bombast that seems to be hard wired into Matts writing at this point. Part of me wonders what Chris and Dom make of it all, because Dom was talking up the Handler pre album release, which imo is pretty much as close as they've got to so called 'classic' Muse in the last 10 years, whilst Matt was waxing lyrical about The Globalist. Makes you think.
  8. Yeah, completely agree, as I do with pretty much everything said on this last page. I think them achieving considerably more success in the US from the Resistence onwards has definitely played into this too. Maybe he's worried this is their peak and to take a lengthy break now would be detrimental to their success. But the thing is, I think they're past the stage of being a band who have to release music consistently to stay relevant. As someone said before, taking a 6-7 year hiatus might even improve the quality of the music and they would come back to sold out dates globally when they returned, without question. Either that or they just genuinely enjoy the constant touring
  9. Actually, I thought Hysteria at Download last year sounded pretty decent in person. Then I saw it on Sky Arts and I stand by it, strong performance imo. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GFnWudOUbHY
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