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  1. I voted for GUAF only because I've done my best to banish the existence of Dig Down from my mind. I'm grateful for DD that it gave us the Acoustic Gospel version, though.
  2. Also just thinking about it, it's kinda weird that Chris never did the Unsustainable vocals instead of Matt, given that he has a higher chest range. Would've been better than omitting them totally as they did on the T2L tour.
  3. It could be decent if they actually bothered with the transitions. That sudden jolt into the piano of New Born was embarrassing.
  4. Matt has to play Algorithm on guitar instead of keyboard, maybe using that tone from PiB from that one gig where they played Eternally Missed. Him constantly going back and forth from the mic to the piano was a bit ridiculous, and the chorus sounds so empty without any guitar.
  5. Why the fuck would they play the piano intro of New Born? Just skipping straight to the riff would flow so much better.
  6. Do it properly or don't do it at all, Matt. An octave down is against the spirit of Micro Cuts
  7. Got it, thanks! I literally signed up to instagram for this so wasn't following anyone.
  8. Where's this stream then? I'm not seeing it on their instagram page.
  9. Commented before I got to that part of the interview
  10. Why does that interviewer always talk about porn FFS
  11. Didn't they play Propaganda at this as well?
  12. It's a D3, I seriously doubt Matt can hit a D2.
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