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Q Mag-Music that changed my Life feature


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"Angie" and "Paint it Black" are the only ones I'm really familiar with, and the only ones I really like. Same with the Beatles, I just never really felt the urge to "get into it." I recognise their importance in the music time-line, though.


I felt a need to defend The Beatles just now but I won't get started. :p I think Matt was only referring to Sgt. Pepper's which is frankly overhyped. And I remember reading some interview in which Chris mentioned that The Beatles would be in his dream line-up, along with Jimi Hendrix and Nirvana (you'd think he'd mention Beach Boys...).


Rolling Stones are always the same old same old. I really tried getting into them. :stunned:

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I hope Matt loses the U2 obsession during the recording process..


And what the hell is he on about when he says he never thought about writing a song from someone else's perspective. Has he heard Soldier's Poem?


Obviously he has forgotten about that one and The Small Print as well.

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I agree with Matt and Chris about Sgt. Peppers.


Abbey Road is better.


And Revolver is better still in my opinion.


I think the main reason Sgt. Peppers gets all the hype is that it was arguably the very first "concept album", it perfectly reflected the time period it was released, it was ground-breaking audio/technology-wise, and it was the first pop music album that both classically-trained musicians and snooty academics were willing to admit was great.


There's only one other album since that I think comes close to meeting those criteria, and that's OK Computer.

(And I don't think it's the best Radiohead album either. :p)

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