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  1. I'm thinking about selling my tickets so I can go to the Cincinnati show instead. If anyone is interested, feel free to let me know.
  2. Got tickets for the show, but the person who ordered them messed up so I didn't get GA tickets. But I get my round two of seeing Muse, so
  3. Starlight Invincible Resistance Soaked Undisclosed Desires Neutron Star Collision Feeling Good Guiding Light Survival I Belong to You (forgot it) Madness Meh, good enough.
  4. Con-science is amazing. For me, it would probably be Overdue or Exo-Politics.
  5. Hate This & I'll Love You Falling Away With You The Small Print Thoughts of a Dying Atheist And then maybe Invincible or Resistance. I don't really know.
  6. *puts away pitch fork and torch* Overdue Madness I Belong to You Exo-Politics I don't have a number five.
  7. I hope they don't play Madness.
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