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  1. Happy Birthday! :party:

  2. You're welcome :)

    It's going alright. Could be better, though lol. How about you?

  3. Haha, why thanks :p

    So how's it going?

  4. :D :D :D :D

    I thought I would never find another 'Mats fan here. You are offically my favorite as well

  5. Fellow Mats fans <3

    You're my new favourite person.

  6. Likewise. And thank you :D

  7. Right. And now that's why I realized I really am happy for Matt. Maybe they will last, I think because they're both older and more mature (in most situations) that they'll be fine. And who knows? Maybe she'll be a cool rocker mom to baby Bellamy lol.


    I know. It's just crazy what people would say about things like this or people like her. Yeah, that's why I try not to judge too much, but I think everyone judges a little bit. I'll get there lol. I haven't warmed up to it completely yet :LOL:

  8. Btw, you seem like a really nice person :D

  9. Yea, I agree on that point. It does seem like it's been a bit quick, but it was an accident, and I've seen people do this stuff even quicker then they are and they've come out of the other side just fine, so it could still happen.


    Exactly! Some people just forget that she's a human being too, and it bugs me. I mean, it's not like any of them have actually met her or known what she's actually like, so I find them in a very weak position to judge. Either way, I still wish the best for them.

  10. I think if it were longer, it would be better. It kind of seems like they've jumped into things too fast. I read too many gossip magazines :LOL: I hope it will. Not just for her sake, but for Matt's and the kids sakes as well.


    It gets to be too much. I guess it's okay to be upset about it. But saying that you're going to kill someone is way too much. She's not my cup of tea and I don't see her and Matt as a lasting couple, but I don't have a reason to say bad things about her. She never done anything to me :LOL:

  11. Ah, true. I can see where you're coming from. But then again, she's been with Matt for quite a while, and this news is pretty big. I don't know much about her past history, but hopefully this will have her calm down.


    Sorry, I just hate it when people hate her just because she's dating Matt and rip her apart. I find it so disrespectful. Thanks for not being one of those I guess :LOL:

  12. I think it's because of her image. IMO, honestly, I see her as a maneater who goes jumps from guy to guy. That's just my opinion, though. But for the sake of the baby, I hope she doesn't do this anymore. It sounds silly that I think that now that I've typed it lol

  13. If I may ask, how come you're not happy for Kate? I was gonna mention it in the YMT but I was a bit afraid the Mods would get ticked.

  14. Thanks! :happy:

    Yeah. It's from the making of The Resistance :awesome:

  15. hey, I just saw ur sig. :LOL: Love it!!!

    Who's butt is that shaking, Matt and Dom?

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