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  1. I'm kinda dreading the songs where Chris sings lead vocals. I've never wanted anyone but Matt to sing lead vocals on a Muse song. Matt's voice is at least 50% of Muse's appeal, to me. Yes, I should just listen to the damn album already.
  2. I haven't heard the album yet but if Sippe is impressed by the vocals it's gotta be good.
  3. Goodbye, jt.?Ive had the week from hell and it's too much to deal with. I can't cope. So I'll say goodbye to you now. Xx

  4. Cool - sounds ace. Not sure yet, to be honest. I might be headed down the path of redundancy myself soon, cos my department's 'under review'. It sucks but at least it'll get me moving onto other things quicker. I think I'd rather head for magazines, or even books. Gotta have a thorough think about it soon, though, before I end up jobless!

  5. Hi, yes I am. I've worked for various newspapers and my last job was at PA, where I worked for 10 years. I took redundancy a couple of years ago. Where you you hope to end up? The national papers? Bigger magazines?

  6. Hi dear! Thought I'd answer you here so as not to veer hugely off topic in the thread. I'm the assistant editor of an in-house magazine for the oh-so glamorous John Lewis :p. It's not bad and more of a stepping-stone to more journo or publishing work. I've heard you mention in a few threads that you're a journo, too, oui?

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