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  1. Hi Musers! The TPi awards have nominated several of Muse's crew this year. Would be awesome to show our appreciation for the work they do by leaving a vote for them. Please go to http://www.tpiawards.com/vote-now/ and choose the following names in these categories. The other categories is up to you as I don't know whether there's anyone working for Muse nominated in these. 1. Tour Manager of The Year Glen Rowe (Dominic Anderson is also Tour Manager but sadly not nominated!) 2. Production Manager of The Year Steve Iredale 6. Favourite Sound Rental Company Skan PA (A suggestion; A company they use) 7. Front of House Engineer of The Year Marc Carolan 10. Favourite Rehearsal Facility Cato (A suggestion: This is Glen Rowe's company. If you like him and have no other option...) 13. Lighting Designer of The Year Oli Metcalfe 16. Set Designer of The Year Oli Metcalfe 19. Favourite Trucking Company Stage Truck (Again a suggestion; just a company Muse uses as you might all know from the silver trucks) 25. The Des Fallon Video Visionary Award Oli Metcalfe (Boy, Oli does a lot! I would've expected Tom Kirk to be here but as he's not nominated...) 26. Live Production of The Year Award Download 2015 (Suggestion again; they played Download Festival so that's why.) Thanks for voting! Next year after the tour we should get them all nominated! xx
  2. Fury and Assassin were amazing! Two more to cross off the list I was another of those lucky ones to have won tickets. I've shot a few pictures and a few vids from where me and Mjartrod were standing, which was RIGHT in front of Matt. Never been so close for a whole concert. It was absolutely overwhelming and one of the best experiences of my life! Reapers (focusing on hands during solo): Pictures! https://flic.kr/s/aHskcvxCuM Enjoy <3
  3. Heya! Very interesting read on what a day at the "office" is like for Muse's main Sound and Front-of-house engineer Marc Carolan: https://www.irishtimes.com/culture/how-music-works-what-it-takes-to-do-sound-for-muse-1.2271265 Enjoy! xx
  4. Nice to see you starting this, Niall! I was dubbing between answer 1 and 2, but then I realised that I'm not that much of an audiophile so as long as the recording is a clear one on MP3, I would still love it. (And then my back-wards iPhone could at least play it) Again, good effort and I'm strongly supporting this. Keep us updated!
  5. Heya,


    Could you edit this thread: http://board.muse.mu/showthread.php?t=85092

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  6. It's actually a fiN band-shirt that my mum altered a bit. (eg, lower neckline ;P) *proper fan* ^.^ It's a great pic indeed, love that beauty mark on his chest *stares* Also, you guys are the proper Dom-girls, have we seen this turquoise necklace before? I noticed it nearly immediatly after squeeing over the shark-tooth.
  7. "Angie" and "Paint it Black" are the only ones I'm really familiar with, and the only ones I really like. Same with the Beatles, I just never really felt the urge to "get into it." I recognise their importance in the music time-line, though.
  8. Haha, this almost feels like a sexy-plane now. I thought I had no time-difference with France, or is it so wide that it has 2 timezones? Because 19:00 just passed here and still other songs being played now.
  9. This! And yeah, KOC on now, is this their idea of a teaser? Only half an hour before they're supposed to start? Or do they just play songs in random order and start half an hour early? I don't get the French!
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