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  1. I managed to get a 3-day ticket to the Grateful Dead 50th anniversary concert through TM. But this AXS thing is a joke!
  2. Yesterday I was given the option of selecting the general admission tickets but it wouldn't let me continue to the next page. OH WELL. It's a night club, it's probably easy to get in anyway.
  3. Tbh I feel like a lot of the tickets are going to the radio stations and guitar center or whoever is sponsoring the event. The waiting room is a joke. "randomly selected your spot in line". LIES.
  4. The Sports Arena is pretty easy to get around to meet people because it's surrounded by the parking lot so there's no secluded areas, especially because that's where the swap meet is on the weekends.
  5. I don't remember seeing a visitor message! Hahaha. He's adoooooooooorable. I'm putting him in the BMT.

  6. Please tell me you've seen this tumblr_m4rj6ldxdg1rrbogso1_500.gif

  7. Not much really. Just getting ready to register for classes next semester. I've been really busy with so much crap lately. haha How about you?

  8. Ololololol. :happy:



    Erinbog! What is new with youuu?

  9. tumblr_m3vh6nWLBS1qa6z3eo1_500.jpg


    Haaaayyy. I saw this picture and it reminded me of you. ^_^

  10. :LOL: YES.


    Yep yep yep! I finally caved, again lol. And I think I found you already :chuckle:

  11. Hey girl hey, I got your Christmas card finally! :LOL:


    And I just saw your edits on your last post. What is your twitter?!

  12. I feel like I almost always have to walk out onto the street whenever I order take out at the place I live now. I only ever order it, too if I'm STARVING and have no energy to actually make myself something, so usually by the time I'm ready for them to get there, and they call me being like, "Soooo, I think I'm lost...." I'm just like, you've got to be fucking kidding me right now. I JUST WANT MY FOOD. :facepalm:


    Oh god :LOL: I'd probably just be tempted to yell as loud as I could at him and wave my arms frantically for him to see me rather than explain directions at that point.


    edit: I just saw Tahnee's post :chuckle: Hopefully you get mine while it's still January lol.


    edit again: I see unsub :supersad: I finally got a new Twitter, btw. Maybe I can actually start using it now....

  13. Yeah. It's a bunch o' BS. :( Aurora and Chief were the only ones that didn't have problems. So strange.


    When are you free? :awesome:

  14. Yay! I'm glad it finally made it. I see Steph had the same problem? That's so strange. Thanks for yours as well.


    And um, yes! :awesome:

  15. You don't even know! :LOL: They've had to call me and I've had to walk out onto the street. One guy actually managed to find my apartment though.


    One time I ordered chinese, and this guy got soooo lost. He was hard to understand which made it a lot more difficult for me to guide him to my street because I didn't know where he was. This guy didn't even turn onto my street and was like, "ohhh I'm looooost". Then when he got on my street, I told him to go on the pool-side of the street. He didn't do that. I told him to cross the street (I could see him and he couldn't see me), and he turns into this parking area for another apartment complex. Fucking idiot. I was so annoyed. :LOL:

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